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How to keep red hair looking fresh

I don't like to call maintaining red hair...maintaining. I like to call it, keeping it fresh. Because that artificial colour isn't going to stay the same as it did when you first unboxed it and slapped it on your hair. It doesn't matter what you do, the colour will wash out. The sun and general wear-and-tear will fade it. Even temporary dyes won't make it look the exact same. It'll get darker, the colour will change, it's just not the same.

So, I gave up maintaining my colour a while back and started trying out methods of keeping it "fresh" instead. 
Does it work?
Well, I think it does. 

What is it?

Keeping a colour looking fresh, is simply just ensuring it looks bright and happy even when the colour fades or changes. It's about making your hair look vibrant and healthy each time you wash it. When it fades, you're making that faded colour look rich rather than washed-out.

So, how do you do it? 

Use a colour safe shampoo. 

I am 100% the kind of person who says, "shampoo is shampoo, they're all made the same so who cares." Well, yeah, that's kind of true. However, the difference a colour safe shampoo makes is undeniable. Colour safe shampoos should lack the sulphates that strip colour, and are formulated to help enhance the colour of your shade. A regular shampoo doesn't take as much care and can make your colour look dull, faster. 
Now, I can't speak for every colour safe shampoo out there, because I haven't tried them all. (John Frieda's red shampoo doesn't really, do much at all for the look of your colour though, FYI.

However, *Fanola's After Colour Shampoo works wonders to help keep your colour looking fresh, while also leaving your hair soft and feeling stronger. It smells lovely and is a soft, creamy consistency that nourishes your hair, while also enhancing its vibrancy.
Using this stuff every time I wash my hair, makes a massive difference to how fresh my colour looks after a wash. Definitely, worth a try. 

Add a red coloured hair mask or dye to your shower. 

A red temporary hair dye works for those strapped for options. However, using a red hair mask, or similar product, works just that little bit more. Trust me, I've tried both. 
Mix a red hair mask (or dye) with conditioner and smother your hair with it after a shampoo. Leave it sitting on your hair for the entirety of your shower. This helps add some colour to your hair that has otherwise faded throughout the day. 

This is more effective when done every second wash, rather than every time you wash your hair. If you're adding red into your hair every time you shower, you're more likely to make your colour look darker, or change the colour altogether. 

*Fanola Oro Therapy Colouring Mask in Red is the perfect candidate for this method. I've tried using temporary dyes which do work in a pinch, but they dilute and weaken with conditioner. Therefore you need more to make a difference which means you're using more product. It just doesn't last very long and isn't very wallet-friendly.
This colour mask is strong and helps enhance the vibrancy of your colour. Just two pumps in some conditioner will refresh your colour without making it look darker. If anything, your hair comes out looking brighter and more, well, fresh.  
It doesn't dilute in conditioner and helps to strengthen your hair too. It's not a dye by any means, but it is stronger than a temporary colour. It lasts much longer than a bottle of temp dye too, so you're not burning a hole in your purse everytime you wash your hair. 
Honestly, 10/10 would recommend. 

When all is said and done, don't try too hard.

The more you try to maintain your colour, the more you won't. These two steps alone are enough to help keep your colour looking fresh. I often have people ask me "have you dyed your hair again?" after I've washed it. All I did was wash it following the steps above, and people often think I've dyed it again because it's come out brighter and more vibrant. 

Don't stress about washing it in cold water only, or keeping away from the sun or whatever else. That won't help you in the long run. I wash my hair under hot water.

*Products gifted by AMR, an Australian online hair and beauty retailer stocking a range of high-quality products for professionals and non-professionals alike. They're pretty great, actually.
All opinions and words completely my own.
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Photos by Sheree Grace
- Sheree


How to perfect the morning "snooze" routine

Get completely ready in 30 minutes or less. 

Featuring the sweater dress part 2.

Hands in the air, those who abuse the snooze button every morning to give themselves an extra 40 minutes of sleep. Well, maybe a normal person will only hit the snooze two or three times giving themselves an extra 10-to-20 minutes.
But for a lazy girl like myself who really has nothing to look forward to once the alarm goes off, 40 minutes just isn't enough snooze time.
And you may be thinking, "Girl, why don't you just set a later alarm time?" Solid logic, I'll admit. But that just means I'm unprepared, mentally, when the alarm does go off, and I'll have no time to snooze at all. That's just stressful. 

But one doesn't need too much time to get ready in the morning. Not really. A shower is unnecessary in most cases (have one the night before.) On the go, breakfasts were made for the snooze button. And how dressed up do you really, need to get? 

In most cases, it's very do-able to just do the minimum. Make it easy for yourself. Some things can even be done while you're sleeping so you get the ultimate, "I woke up like this" look.
Okay, enough chit-chat.

How to perfect the Snooze Routine. 

Keep the outfit simple and minimal.

Something that's easy to just throw on, without the need for too much extra styling. A sweater dress or a playsuit works in the way of being an entire weather-appropriate outfit with one piece of clothing. All you'd need is a jacket, and away you go.
In the colder months, a sweater dress acts as an all-purpose outfit. It's warm, feminine and, best of all, easy.  

A cozy-style sweater dress like this one provided by requires no extra styling. Just throw it on and move to the next stage of getting ready. 

Other quick and easy outfit combos:

- A cute dress.
- A basic tunic and skinny jeans.
- A simple tank tucked into an a-line skirt. 

Quick and easy.

Create effortless, undone waves in your hair the night before.

If you can, skip the straightening and heat styling of a morning that sucks way too much time out of your routine. For the girls who'd prefer not to just throw their hair into a ponytail or bun (very do-able for the daily,) you can give yourself perfectly tousled waves while you sleep. 
Wash your hair the night before and when it's about 90% dry, tie it up into a  high bun.

In the morning, take your bun out and gently tousle your mane with your fingers, and let it fall naturally in place. Voila. Your hairstyle for the day is complete.

Keep your makeup as minimal as possible. 

Lazy girls don't generally, have extensive makeup routines anyway. So this part is already a breeze for us. 

For some, a little concealer where it counts and a dusting of powder will suffice and only take about 10 minutes. For others, maybe just a thin layer of foundation will do just fine. 

To make yourself look more done-up than you actually, are, focus more on your eye makeup. Take a smudge brush to some black eyeshadow, and create a quick cat-eye. Just smudge some eyeshadow onto your lashline and drag it outwards a little with the brush to create an extended line for a little flick.
It's much easier than using eyeliner. It's quicker and more subtle. And easier to fix if you make a mistake.

Swipe on a little mascara, and you're good to go.

By keeping everything as simple as possible, you can cut out so much time from your morning routine. Leaving you with more time to snooze and dread having to get up in the first place. 


Sweater dress: Tobi. Bag: Dolls Kill. Phone case: Valfre. Shoes: Rubi.

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Photos by Sheree Grace
- Sheree


How to style an A/W staple: the sweater dress

The lazy girl Autumn/Winter staple. 

Sweater dresses might not be for everyone, but for me, they're an absolute staple. They're ideal for any lazy girl who just wants to throw on something cute, warm and simple during the colder months without having to think too much about it. It's a dress and jumper all in one. A whole outfit in one item easily dressed up with your choice of outerwear, accessories and shoes.

Am I selling sweater dresses to you enough yet? 

But the question here is, how does one style a sweater dress? Depending on the actual dress, it can either look frumpy and basic. Or it can look effortless, cute and even a little bit 90's inspired.

How to style a sweater dress.

Pair it with a tailored jacket or coat. 

Sometimes a sweater dress on its own can look kind of "blah." You know? But when paired with a fitted coat or jacket, it can instantly add a little "chic" to the look. It can look more put together and complete. A bomber jacket gives the dress a 90's feel. While a long, fitted coat looks sleek, sophisticated and sharp. Just what you want in an outfit. And a pleather jacket adds a little edge to your look for a grunge effect. 

Sometimes, the key to styling a sweater dress is in the outerwear. It's what you pair with it that will make all the difference. A simple jacket thrown over the top makes your lazy outfit say "I totes put so much effort into this." 

Go for a chunky, heeled ankle bootie.

The shoes are the next big part of your outfit when dressing up a sweater dress. Shoes that are too boring and basic can make your outfit look "thrown" together. While a shoe that makes a statement towards the particular look you're going for will give it purpose. 
Any ankle booties will work an absolute charm with a sweater dress. 
Wear a bootie with a chunky heel for an instant fierce injection that will take the dress out of the "blah" zone and into the "cute!" zone. 

If you're going for a more laid-back daily casual look, a flat Chelsea-style boot or combat boot add an instant edge without being too simple.  

That's pretty much it.

A cute handbag and away you go girl. A sweater dress is supposed to be easy and simple, so don't complicate it too much. Keep it cute and lazy.

The outfit.

A sweater dress provided by
Heeled combat boots (similar.) 

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Photos by Sheree Grace
- Sheree


How to maintain smooth, clear skin in two steps

It seems like we spend our entire lives hunting for clear, smooth skin. That awkward moment when; we're told we'll only have pimples during our teenage years, only to find out later that our faces break out pretty much ALL THE DAMN TIME throughout our adult lives too.
Our quest goes as follows: face masks, a million types of different cleansers, moisturisers, toners, serums, pimple creams. The list is endless. Endless! 

Most of us have all fallen into the trap of using multiple products to try and keep out skin clear. Lord knows, the bloggers and vloggers we look up to have ridiculously extensive skincare routines. That has influenced our own, at one point or another.
We've scrubbed, we've tried organic, we've alternated different kinds of products and layered on face masks. 

True, everyone's skin is different, and we all react to certain products differently. Some skin might benefit from crazy routines and a billion products. Others, not so much.

But, what about us lazy girls (me) who want clear skin in, like, two steps?

There's a way. And I think I may have found two options and types of products that will do something lovely. I assure you.

       How to;  

Use a cream cleanser

Daily cleansers that scrub or foam can be drying, stripping and even harmful when used regularly. 
Cream cleansers are free from soaps and foaming agents that could strip the face of its natural oils and aggravate it to the point of regular breakouts. They're also gentle and moisturising, leaving the skin clean and baby-soft, adding back the moisture you're taking away during your daily cleansing. 

If it's free from harsh chemicals and made with natural oils, you've got a winner. 
Goodness Everyday Cream Cleanser is a fantastic candidate for step one. It's gentle, silky soft and moisturising, while also effectively removing makeup and dirt, leaving your natural oils intact. It feels lovely. Just lovely. Honestly.

I've never used anything from Goodness before. But I shall continue to because it does what it says straight-up on the bottle. It gives you a little bit of goodness. I'm impressed.

A creamy moisturiser that's a bit heavy+

+Heavy, meaning it doesn't sink right into the skin straight away, and even stays on the surface till you wake up in the morning. A moisturiser that is creamy and soft. That isn't too thin or watery so that it sticks to your skin, slowly replenishing it with moisture. 

It might feel better for your skin to have a moisturiser that does the opposite to what I've just recommended, but it doesn't do your skin any favours in the long-run. To keep your skin smooth and clear, it needs to be well hydrated. Using a moisturiser that is a little thicker, and doesn't sink into the skin, keeps skin hydrated. If you wake up with a thin residue left behind, then you've just been protected against the harsh fibres of your pillow. And the air. Congratulations! 
All amazing things for your skin.
Nip + Fab Kale Fix Moisturiser* is exactly that. My skin hasn't looked and felt this good in, well, forever? One of the active ingredients is, you guessed it, Kale. Which helps to nourish and strengthen the skin, protecting and softening in one. This moisturiser sticks to the skin and leaves it baby soft, even after you wash the residue away. It isn't oily and doesn't feel heavy. It's smooth to apply and, with the help of a few vitamins and cucumber extract, freshens the skin up and soothes it.
Although, it doesn't need to do much soothing if you're using a cream cleanser too.
It's silky smooth and promotes equally silky skin. I haven't been this impressed with my own skincare routine in ages.

Kindly tip: a cream cleanser helps enhance the benefits of a cream moisturiser like this one. 

The best practice

When using a moisturiser like this one, it's best to cleanse and moisturise before you head to bed for the night. The moisturiser will sit on your skin and continue to soften and replenish throughout the entire night. As it leaves a light residue behind, you can wash it off with water the next morning to reveal soft, beautiful clear skin. 

The key is to match your cleanser with your moisturiser. You want them to be gentle, soft creams that keep your skin hydrated rather than stripped-down. 

Also, I never intended for my skincare routine to be all green (note; the colour of both these bottles) but hey, it works doesn't it? Maybe the key is to inject a little more green? 
(I don't actually, know as much as I think I do. But it's pretty to have matching coloured bottles. So there's that. )

*Product sent by but opinions are completely my own after using it for at least three months now. 

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- Sheree


How to reduce your cellulite. If you want to.

Hands up if you have cellulite. 

*49.6% of the world raises their hands, including me.* That is how many women there are on this planet. And as women, we wear badges of honour such as cellulite and stretch marks just by being women.
Yes, I have cellulite. Cool. Okay. Moving on. 
If you ask society, they'll tell you only a "certain body-shape" has cellulite. But if you tell your mother your frustrations she'll sigh and respond, "Yes, I know, don't worry too much, we all have it." Because, mother knows that no matter your size or how much exercise you do, you are going to end up with cellulite at some point.

So, what can you do about it? 

Well, you could just do nothing about it.

Because hey, it's a normal thing our body does. Maybe you like to wear your badge of womanhood proudly. Maybe you don't even notice it's a thing.
If it ain't broke, don't fix it. 

However, some of us just want to minimise it as much as we can, because we want to. If you'd like to reduce the appearance and even have them almost disappear, then you can do things.

What things?

These things.

Dry Brush

Dry brushing is this awfully painful thing you do to yourself to help smooth and buff the fat pockets out from underneath your skin. 
It has bristles that scratch and poke your delicate skin like tiny little needles. Some brushes will also have little rubber nodes that can help massage the area out and reduce how painful the act can be. While, you know, massaging the fat pockets out from underneath your skin. 

Dry brushes are designed to exfoliate, buff and work the area out naturally, to help burst the pockets and push everything around to make it smooth again. Much more effective than using your hands, it really does help to minimise the appearance of your little butt-dimples.

Use a cellulite gel

Dry brushing alone is painful. Dry brushing with some body wash can help soften the feeling. 
But dry brushing with a cellulite gel can give you effects that are immediate and noticeable. Almost making it disappear.  
Cellulite products are designed to help firm the skin and burst the fat pockets with active ingredients including a warming agent. Combined with a dry brush, the results are magical. 

Nip + Fab's Cellulite Fix is a perfect product for this very thing. The gel itself is soft and silky and applies smoothly to the skin. After a few minutes, it has a gentle warming sensation that feels like it's softening the fat below the skin and prepping it to be massaged into place. Keep reading to see if it works, though.
Cellulite fix can be found on, the official online Australia stockist for many fabulous beauty brands both international and national. Making it that much easier for us Aussie girls to acquire beauty from across the seven seas easily, quickly, and without the hefty conversion prices. It's basically a better, bigger online version of Priceline. 
We must have died and gone to heaven. 

The method

1. Apply your cellulite fix gel to the areas in question and massage gently with your hands, focusing on moving the fat and skin in an upwards direction.
2. Then, with your (wet, how ironic) dry brush, brush over the areas in both circular and upwards motions. Don't be afraid to push into the skin a little bit so the rubber nodes can buff everything out. 
3. After as many minutes as your patience can stand, simply rinse the product away. 
4. Repeat each time you shower. 

The madness

Results are impressive, and I mean impressive! With just the dry brush, the appearance is minimised by half, leaving you with smoother looking thighs and butts. Not to mention very soft skin thanks to the exfoliating power of those rough bristles.

However, paired with Cellulite Fix.

Cellulite vanished to a subtle tease in just a few uses, reducing the appearance to almost invisible. I was shocked. I got further with using the "fix" than I ever did with just dry brushing and body wash. 

It definitely helps to use a gel or product for cellulite for quick, lasting results. I was more than impressed with the "fix."
However, just massaging and dry brushing regularly works like a charm to help reduce the appearance, soften the skin and exfoliate the area. 

If all else fails, there is also the DIY option of using coffee to help burst those bubbles.

Sometimes, we need to add an extra step to our shower routine for the sake of self-confidence. I wanted to get rid of my cellulite to help with my own lack of self-confidence, so I set out to try and fix it. It's not a shameful thing, it's not embarrassing. Plus, it worked.

We have cellulite.
So what? 
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*Post in collaboration with All words and opinions completely my own. Including this: definitely, check out this BRILL site if you're a fellow Aussie lady. One for the bookmarks tab*
A lovely thank you to RY for sending me this FAB product that worked like a charm and gave me the motivation to sit here for a good hour at least and write my first post for 2017.

Photos by Sheree Grace
- Sheree


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