Bleaching Purple Hair: Why Did It Go Green?

It went green?!!

As you may know, my hair is purple. (No, really?)
I've been dying it purple for about a year now, so naturally the pigment has built up.

The other day, I decided to bleach the bottom half of my hair in an attempt to get it white. I wanted to go for a two-toned ombre look with a lighter colour on the bottom.
When I washed out my first bleach attempt, my hair was green!
However shocking, after a few seconds it all made sense and I wasn't at all surprised or scared. 
So, I’m writing this in order to help and inform others who may have had this problem, or who are considering bleaching their purple out but not sure what it will do.

Why did it go Green? 
First of all, this is not a "disaster." Your hair did not go "wrong." This is not a fail. 
My purple dye is blue based which is what gives it that rich, vibrant, dark purple. When you bleach your hair, it goes through stages of lightening starting from dark ending with light. 
These stages are different shades of yellow and orange. The bleach brings out the natural undertones in your hair, which are mostly reds. As the red lightens, it goes yellow and orange.

As the bleach hits that stage, it mixes with the blue base of the purple.
Blue + Yellow = Green, the pigment of the bleach has reacted with the blue base and has stained your hair green.
By this stage, the bleach has reached it final oxidisation stage and has stopped lightening leaving you with green hair. 
But it's okay, this happens. Especially when you're doing it at home (a salon will give you much better, healthier results. FYI.) 

What can you do?

The first thing to remember is NOT to freak out or panic. This is normal if your dye is blue-based, which most purples are.

The first thing to do is to tone it. Use a purple shampoo or an actual toner (Fudge has a great one.)
Purple shampoos are great for blonde hair, the purple pigments in the shampoo react with the yellow pigments in your hair and counteract them, taking them out and leaving you with pale hair. This also works great if your hair is green after bleaching.
Lather up the shampoo in your hair, work it in well, and leave it to sit for a while. This won’t eliminate the green, but it will take out some of the yellow in your hair and will lighten the green.
When I rinsed my hair out, the colour was a deep metallic green but after two washes of the purple shampoo, it lightened up to this colour now. (See pic.)
DON’T bleach it again straight after this first bleach. I know it’s tempting, especially if you hate the green (I actually like this green.) But don’t bleach it until, at least, a week later.

Bleaching it might be okay for you two days in a row, but your hair will hate you and it’s much better to have a week of green, than months of brittle hair that will snap off easily. 
There are other ways to cover the green if you don’t like it. One way is to use some temporary hair chalk or colour spray to cover the green. It will wash out and will make the colour look better. But be careful when doing this, if you choose to do that, cover it with a blue or another purple, to avoid colours mixing together. 
When it comes to bleaching it again, it should be much easier to take the green out and it will lighten better. Remember to tone it.
If your hair is stubborn and the green pigments won’t budge from your hair, the next step to take is to either; cover it up with purple again or:


Red on the colour wheel counteracts green.
Take some red shampoo or temporary red dye, and cover the green. This will take the green pigments out and will leave you with a lighter colour. 
Just remember not to panic.
When I bleached my hair, I was hoping it would go blonde but I was also expecting a chemical reaction.
I wasn’t surprised when it was green. In fact, I was excited, it’s bold and different and I really like it. 


  1. Yes this just happened! I bleached my friends hair and its greeen thanks for the tips

  2. Phew!! As it happens in doing the same thing and freaked out about the green but I had purple shampoo/toner ready to put on it anyway! Thanks

  3. This is so old lol but my hair is purple if I bleach it and it turns green can I put a indigo dye on It I want it to be blue

  4. This is so old lol but my hair is purple if I bleach it and it turns green can I put a indigo dye on It I want it to be blue

  5. It depends on the shade of green and the shade you want to use honestly, it's all about the base (lol) colours underlying in the dye pigment you use. To be safe, I'd try and lift as much green out as I could and then go over it with a lighter blue (indigo might make it go purple again.)
    Actual blue will mix better with the green than an indigo or purple colour will.

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  7. Thanks for the tips I had dark purple hair which I loved so much but need to find a job and no one will hire me with purple hair even though it was very pretty I had blonde hair with deep purple all under neith. Well I bleached it and of course it turned green which I expected but I didn't want to bleach it again to fry my hair so I will try the purple shampoo and toner. Because it's a light green and I know it will wash out eventually but I need to get it out asap for job interviews. So I'm going to also do some deep conditioning and hot oil treatments just in case I have to bleach it in about a week or so. Thanks for the tips

  8. So my purple turned blueish green after bleach. Will the green color continue to fade with washing it or am I stuck with this color?

  9. I just bleached my hair today, it went green a few minutes into the application but it then got lighter and lighter as the bleach processed and when I washed the bleach out there was no green. so I'm going to say that if your hair is pretty well faded before you bleach the purple it will not be green once you bleach it.

  10. Thanks for writing this post! I just bleached the ends of my purple hair and was googling to see if it was safe to bleach it again... gonna tone it instead and rock teal ombre for a few days :D

  11. My end turned green as well since they were originally purple. Only mine is not an attractive green lol would another shade of purple cover the green?

  12. I am light blonde.Dyed pink,then bright green. Washed to yellow.Covered with medium blonde. Still greenish present. Tried blue shampoo, no effect. Maybe cover with some light red-orange? Will that take the green away?

    1. Yes, in theory it should. Red/orange counteracts green pigments, you could try mixing a red/orange dye into shampoo or conditioner to try and take the pigments out but not dye your hair, ja feel? If it's a stubborn green that is set into the hair and won't budge, however, you may need to just cut your losses and go get it lightened. Sometimes it's just fickle like that.

  13. Just stripped the purple out of my hair its gone paste blue lol

  14. Just stripped the purple out of my hair its gone paste blue lol

  15. I've got the palest of green in my hair I'm devastated I was going to use this silver toner would it work ?

  16. Ketchup will work. Let it sit in your hair an hour then rinse!



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