Ways To Wear Black Lipstick

Since owning my very first black lipstick, I've been trying to come up with a few ways it can be worn other than just straight black. 
Here are just a few ways black lipstick can be used to create an awesome rocker-lip. Perfect when paired with a simple matte black cat eye. 

Look 1

Darkening a bright pink lipstick. 

This is great when you have an ugly pink lippy you own and hate.
This is an obvious one. Apply the pink and then gently, dab the black over the top. Smudge, blend, then repeat until you achieve your desired look. 

Voila! Your bright pink lip is now a dark blood red/pink, with subtle black outlines to make them pop.
(I really love doing this, especially because my bright pink lipstick doesn’t suit me at all.)

Look 2

The Grey Lip.

A lilac lipstick (which is really on trend right now) and the black make a great grey lip. By applying the lilac and darkening it with the black, you can give yourself a DIY Lime Crime-esque lippy look, that is sultry and edgy. 

Look 3

Go Bold Or Go Home.
A simple black lip. Of course!
But first, you must create a base so that it lasts longer and won’t smudge. Take a black lip liner or even a black eyeliner, and outline your lips. It doesn’t need to be thick, just coat your lips with the liner enough for the lipstick to stick.
Once that’s done, apply the lipstick as normal coating your lips over the liner.

If wearing a black lip is a too-bold move for you (which, even for me it is) you can tone it down by creating a very simple eye look. Just give yourself a thin wing with gel or liquid liner. Don’t give your eyes too much of a wing, just a slight flick, and don’t line under your eyes. 

Then, why not experiment with other lipstick shades? Darken them, line them, fill in the outer corners of your lips with black only and then smudge them inward.
Ombre lips!

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