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Finding cruelty-free products is getting easier, although at the same time a little more difficult. For me, living in Australia, I find it quite hard to find companies and brands who don't test on all areas of skin care, hair care and cosmetics. (It should be noted here, that while I will always support cruelty-free and vegan first, I'm not strict with it for that reason. It should also be noted I'm not vegan, to avoid confusion.)
It's usually the brands who don't test who are harder to come across in stores, which sucks. But, there are a few readily available who produce amazing products, are affordable, and who don't test.

Fudge hair products are one of those companies who don't test on animals or are "against animal testing," which is good enough for me. They're pretty easy to come by with products in Priceline and Woolworths, to name two (in Australia), and have Salons in the UK. They include hair care products as well as styling products and there is definitely something for everyone in their Salon ranges.
Here are my current favourites from Fudge that I use regularly and love.

 Fudge Urban - Straight Hair Stuff
This is a two in one Straightening Mist and Heat Protectant. It helps to ensure that your hair is dead straight and stays that way when you straighten, as well as protecting your hair from heat up to 230 degrees. I love this stuff, it smells really nice and almost sweet like a fresh berry type smell that's very pleasant. It also sprays out in a fine mist that covers a lot of hair and works wonders in helping your hair stay soft while heat styling.
Fudge Urban - 3 in 1 Miracle Moisture Stuff 
This really does what it says it does. I purchased this when I bleached half my hair to help it go back to being healthy again, and it really worked. It's a thin cream that really goes a long way. With Argan Oil in the mixture it helps to soften hair, heal damaged and split ends, conditions, smooths and defrizzes. This also smells amazing, the same as the Straight Hair Stuff smells. All you need is 1-2 pumps, rub your hands together with the product and then smooth it through your hair. Do this once a day, and you'll have smooth healthier hair.

Fudge - Dry Shampoo
It's no secret I don't wash my hair often anymore, and so this really does come in handy. It's just like any other dry shampoo, only cruelty-free. The smell is also pretty pleasant, but not as sweet, just fresh. Once applied to the hair and worked in, it soaks up all the oils and leaves hair looking cleaner and dryer, but it doesn't over dry the hair. Your hair will look much better, but it will still maintain some shine for a healthy finish. It does leave a slight white residue, but once you work it into the hair and roots, it's barely visible, and if anything, the most it does is lighten your hair colour slightly.

Fudge Paint Box - Blueberry Hill
And finally, their hair colour line. Paintbox is the only colour range they have and is a semi-permanent fashion colour range. They have all colours ranging from different shades of Red, Pink, Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, even Yellow. If you're looking for a long lasting, vibrant cruelty-free hair colour, this is your guy. I was very happy with this colour, it comes off super bright and vibrant, even on natural coloured hair. The darker the dye is, the brighter it will look on natural hair (if your hair is pretty light, won't work so much on dark hair). It leaves your hair feeling soft and conditioned after dying and stains perfectly. You can maintain the colour by adding this into the conditioner and you'll have a long lasting vibrant colour. I love these. (Also Ammonia Free, and has a pleasant smell.)

On the back of every packaging, you will find "Against Animal Testing". If you've done research (like I did), you'll find that this means that Fudge themselves don't test in their factories. BUT, as full disclosure, they won't put "Not tested on Animals" because they can never be sure if some of the ingredients they purchase from other sources that they use, have or haven't been tested. In reality, the ingredients they source come from various places and sometimes it's hard to find out all the details. It's difficult to keep track of where the products are coming from, and just because they purchased it from a source, doesn't mean that source created that ingredient themselves.
 Keeping in mind that they themselves don't test and try to source ingredients from safe places, mean's that I am happy enough to place Fudge to the top of my Hair Care Favorites list... being that in Australia it's hard to come by ANY affordable brands who don't test, I can't complain. And I love all their products anyway, i've never had a complaint yet.


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  3. I'm sure this was posted a while ago, but as a PSA they DO USE animal ingredients in a large percentage of their products.

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