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OhCherie Hair Styling: Victory Rolls

Victory Rolls: A Rockabilly Pin Up Hair Style

It's no secret I'm a fan of alternative fashion and beauty styles, and I especially love classic 50's type styles of the Rockabilly classification. Victory Roll's are the defining detail of this type of look, and once you get that down, you can pretty much do anything else with the rest of your hair and still have that Pin Up look.
The beauty about Victory Rolls, are that once you get the hang of them, they're super easy and quick to do. You can play around, put two of them, just one, have the loop standing straight up on the head or hiding underneath the rest of the roll. Each way gives you a new look and each way still gives you that adorable style.

Here is how to get a Victory Roll using these simple steps:
1. Take a thin to medium section of your hair, starting from the front hairline, and brush it upwards.
2. Take a teasing brush and tease down your section, this will just help you gain control of your hair.
3. Clasp the ends of your section in your fingers, wrap the hair around your finger and roll the hair down back towards your head in a loop or curl, and place it on top of your head. Twisting the ends of the hair may help to hold it securely enough to roll it down.
4. Pin the loop to your hair with some bobby pins. To get a flawless finish, take the pin and push it into your hair downwards and THROUGH your hair, so you can hide them better. (I wasn't too concerned of the pins showing). Play around with the height and pin it till you like it.

And that's it. Repeat for, however, many rolls you want. The more practice you have, the more precise your rolls will be to get that sexy 50's Pin Up style.
        For inspiration and ideas to play with:

I have also filmed a video tutorial for this look, just for a visual aid. If interested, that is, keep in mind it was my first ever voice over video, so don't judge me :)


  1. your hair is awesome, I love the coloring!!!



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