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OhCherie Hair Styling: Crimped Mermaid Hair with VS Sassoon Total Crimp

(Hair here as been brushed out with a cushion brush, just to show how it looks if it's been brushed out shortly after styled.)

Today's Hairstyling 101 comes with an exciting twist, a review on
VS Sassoon's Total Crimp, crimping iron. (As well as a little tutorial/styling trick)

The other day, my mother dug up a really old hair crimper from the 80s, that was hidden underneath piles of old junk in one of our linen cupboards. So, as excited as I get with hair styling tools, I ran it to the bathroom, plugged it into the power and tried it out on my hair.
Then, We threw away the iron. It was old and smelled like it was burning.
I loved the way it made my hair look so sassy, so I just had to go buy a replacement so crimped hair can make a comeback! I was going for something cheap over something amazing, to be honest, and there was actually a limited selection. So I went for this one.

The iron itself is such a pretty colour, a vibrant green/teal that is very metallic and sleek in design. The way it operates is very basic, it has an on and off button (that's the green and red light you see) and a dial inside with numbers that range from hot to hottest so you can control the heat. It also has an inbuilt detector that will turn the iron onto "standby" after 72 minutes, if you haven't used it during that time. So if you put it down and forget about it, it won't overheat and explode.
To get a feel for the heat range, I crimped my entire head on number 1 and it was fast. I only held the iron onto my hair for a few seconds and it was already crimped and ready to go. 
The plates heat up fast and work very well on the hair, the colour is adorable and it was very affordable. I really love this. 

A little Bit of stuff
Crimped hair was the trend of the 80's and slowly started to die out in the late 90's. It was the curled beachy waves of the glam rock era. Used in various styles when pulling the hair up in ponytails, or leaving it down with a glitter bandanna. Crimped hair was used mostly for the fashionistas of the 80's and early 90's, it could be pulled up and back to create voluminous styles. If done right, it can look very glam and very lovely, if done wrong, it can just look puffy and boring. Like you just have a bunch of kinks in your hair. Plus, if done correctly, you can create multiple different styles, even some creative high fashion styles. Or even get that Cassie style from season 1 of Skins UK.

To do it correctly, you need to make sure you don't brush it after you've done crimping. This will make sure the hair stays smooth and waved without the frizz. Spraying shine serum in the hair beforehand will make sure your hair looks glossy and well styled, rather than dry and frizzy. Using hair products to maintain the condition of the hair before styling is a huge must. The reason why crimped hair can look terrible is because nothing was done to maintain shine and gloss, so it turned out frizzy and flat. Any product that protects from heat, adds moisture and shine, is a huge plus to get a well-finished style that can look good.

To crimp your hair.
First, you must section your hair off, clipping the top half of your hair away to begin with the bottom half of your hair.

Take the iron and place it onto your hair, clamping it down (you should feel your hair slide into the ridges through the iron when you clamp it down.) 

Hold it onto that section for a few seconds only, you don't want to burn your hair off. 

Then open the iron, and pull it away from your hair so you can see where the end of that crimp is.
Place the iron underneath that last crimp and clamp it down for another few seconds. Repeat throughout your entire hair.

You can make this as messy or as perfect as you like, both will give you different effects.

To create a quick, simple style to add just a slight bit of oomph:
Flip part of your hair from one side of your head, over to the other side of your head and smooth it down.

Then grab the front section of your hair on the side you just took hair from, twist it back, and pin it behind your head - underneath the rest of your hair.

This will give you that "rocker" faux shaved side look that is simple and looks amazingly edgy. 

(Not brushed through with anything, only crimped and clipped back)

An excuse to test out my crimper and use it for the first time turned into a styling technique. I do adore this, though.


  1. Oh my, the things we did to our hair in the 80s ....

  2. i love your hair! the colour..the crimp! found you via ifb! following via bloglovin

    1. Thank you, and thank you xD haha

  3. great looking images!!!the hair style suits you nice!!!

    Thank you,

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  4. Your hair is amazing! I had a purple hair once for a long time and i loved it, but it took a long time of my "free time" that i gave up and i dyed my hair black. You look gorgeous with this color! :)

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