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Inkkas Shoes Review | Cotton Candy High Top

Shoes. One of my favourite accessories. I already have a collection of more shoes than I need, but I continue to buy more and more. And more.
The newest addition is these high top casual shoes I received from Inkkas Shoes in the colour Cotton Candy. I was super excited when I got these because they looked even prettier in real life than they did online.
Knowing me, I wear black everything all the time including shoes, but upon being contacted and looking at the website I just HAD to pick the pink pair. Pink is my favorite colour after all.

These shoes are the comfiest things I think I've ever put on my feet. Normally, a new pair of shoes are rough and hard to break in, but in just 5 minutes of wearing them around they just got comfier and comfier and loosened to hug me perfectly.
The shoes are made from fabric and feel to be hand woven all throughout the design around the whole shoe. The designs are interwoven with different colours to resemble a tribal pattern, the shoes are very soft to the touch and have that woven fabric feel.
Inside, the shoe has a firm spongy insole that bends to form the shape of your foot for extra comfort, and the lining of the inside is also very soft and spongy with fabric to ensure your foot is kept safe and no rubbing against hard inlay, which is really great for my fussy feet.
The bottom of the shoe is rubber and has groves in patterns, so no slipping for you. The base of the shoe is very sturdy and secured to the top of the shoe so it shouldn't separate quite so easily (something I've found to happen with other converse type shoe designs.) Plus that bottom platform part is slightly taller than the average converse and thicker, so it feels sturdier.
The laces are however quite thin so they could stretch and wear with rough use, but should last with good care.

Values of a company are one of the reasons I love a company and want to support them, I believe if a company has good values then they have personality and compassion and it makes them real. With that being said:
Inkkas shoes are made at the hand of Indigenous South Americans with Peruvian textiles, hence the tribal design on all of the shoes. However, they are a Free Trade company, keeping respect to the lovely makers of these shoes. They are also Eco-Friendly and only use such materials for their products, which we all know is something I am an activist for, I love all things friendly to the environment. And they are socially responsible, so they donate a portion of every sale to the Indigenous South American communities, which is why the prices on the shoes are what they are.
All these points make Inkkas a great company in my mind and show that they are a caring and responsible company who think about what they produce and think about others. Always a good thing and I will always support a company like that.

All in all, I LOVE these shoes! They're so different to anything I own, they're so lovely and unique and comfy. I put them on to take some photos and found myself getting excited and felt happy and jumpy and I kinda went little nuts and had a mini photo shoot with myself. That's how these shoes make me feel, though, just fun. I can't wait to find ways to style them with my usual style, but I think they will work wonderfully.

The have a variety of styles and colours and patterns in Men's, Women's and Kids shoes both high and low tops, you can check more of them out here:

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