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Races Fashion | My Style & What I Would Wear

The Races are one of the biggest fashion events in Australia (aside from fashion week although, also not really) and even bigger in Melbourne. Even though the races are supposed to be all about the horses, us Australian's have turned it into one big fashion show. Both the men and the ladies dress up in their best outfits and show off them off whilst the horses race it out for a cup.
Ladies dress up in expensive dresses and shoes to match their hair and makeup. All done up to perfection, huge hats and hair accessories. It's like one big contest to see who can dress up the best and who can stand out the most, and each outfit is tailored to suit the individual fashion styles of the ladies. They take their own personal styles and dress it up to shine.

So, considering our races are coming up in a few short months, I like to think deeply about my outfit choice and what I would wear (if I was lucky enough to attend.) An event as glamorous as this, who wouldn't want to dress up and go?
Of course, I've thought about the dress, the shoes and the accessories, so I've put it all together into an outfit post of what I would wear.

The Dress
The most important thing aside from the shoes is the dress. Considering the races are held in spring, all the ladies find the prettiest dresses to welcome the warmer weather. My dress would be the Emily All Over Lace Net Underskirt Dress from Boohoo.

This dress has my name written all over it. It's my style completely. It's detailed all over with lace and has a tutu underskirt that fluffs out the bottom of the dress. The lace detailed panel on the top creates an elegant touch. The tutu bottom is what I love the most, it's that girly, princessy look that's very youthful and fun. Perfect for an event like the races. It can be dressed up or down depending on the accessories you pair it with and has that rocker edge that is 100% me.

The Shoes
To continue the outfit, the shoes will have to match and bring out that edgy look. So it would definitely be a pair of Jeffery Campbell's (I'm dying for a pair) and it would have to be the black leather Starynite Shoe.

These babies I found by accident but just LOOK at them! I love the Mary Jane style in shoes as well as anything platformed and chunky, and these just blends all those together. They have that rocker feel that would work so well with the dress, as well as looking classy with the simple style and star at the back. A little glam for a little rock, lovely.

The Accessories
I have a list in mind for the accessories, only because I love accessories. All of them would have to include some sort of simple spike or chain, keeping it to silver only and black. A standout hair accessory, a simple yet gorgeous clutch and a lovely belt for the dress.

And there we have it, my outfit for the races (my dream outfit) based on my own personal style. This is what I would wear if I had both the money and the chance to go. 

And on that note, the hair and makeup would just be done by me, my usual hair and makeup because it doesn't matter how that looks, the outfit is going to look awesome regardless.

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