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Male Grooming: 3 Trends We Love and 3 Trends We Hate

Today's post is a collab/guest post from fellow blogger Kirstie from Yurei. She's an Alternative fashion blogger who has an adorable blog, so when i checked it out i obviously loved it and was excited to do a post with her. 

If you’re a blogger interested in beauty like Cherie and myself, you might be taking an interest in the rise of male grooming – you only need to take a quick peek at male celebrities and reality T.V. stars to notice that men are increasingly starting to use male beauty products.

Funnily enough, even though in our society it’s still a bit of a taboo for a man to use beauty products, back in history men wore make-up just as much as women. In 3000BC Aristocratic males from Japan and China would paint their nails; the Romans used to paint their heads with cosmetics to hide the signs of baldness, and it’s even rumored that legendary conqueror Alexander the Great wore make-up – so next time a guy tries to tell you only girls are concerned about beauty, spill some of those facts!

Now, when it comes to modern male grooming, many women are split – I’m sure none of us would like to complain about Jonny Depp’s guyliner, but many of us probably don’t find a TOWIE orange tan on a man all that attractive. Men are entitled to use cosmetics, but they’re only just getting used to modern products, so maybe they need a little guidance!

That’s why I’ve put together 3 male grooming trends we love, and 3 we hate!

Male Grooming Trends We Love

1.   Longer Hair

Thanks to indie and pop-punk bands, guys are toying with the idea of growing their hair out a little. For them, it means they can no longer shower and go, instead they’re adding a long process of hair drying and styling to their routine. Thanks to Biffy Clyro frontman Simon Neil (above) we’re more than happy for more guys to try out this trend.

 2. Facial Moisturizer

Some men scoff at the very idea of using moisturiser, but when they actually try it, they’re soon converted! We can’t say there’s anything wrong with a man who has a healthy, glowing complexion.

3. Groomed Facial Hair

A well shaped and trimmed bit of stubble can stop a man looking too done-up, and it adds a subtle edge of manliness to a style! I’m not a fan of bushy Ned Flanders style ‘staches, but I think designer stubble is a winner.

Male Grooming Trends We Hate

1.   Too Much Tan!

Considering Valentino (above) is an incredible fashion designer, he simply has no taste when it comes to male grooming. The hair looks like a ken doll, but the real shocking thing about him is his luminous orange skin…

2.  Spiked 90's Hair

Spiked hair was cool in the 90s, all the guys were going for that statement Gareth Gates style hedgehog look. Luckily, this style has mostly died out now, but let’s never bring it back!

3. Overdone Eyebrows

If you’re a fan of The Apprentice, then you might have seen contestant Alex Mills’ eyebrows, and stared in wonderment at them. It’s great when guys pay a little attention to keeping eyebrows neat, but men don’t tend to need any shaping. This is a classic example of why!

Of course there are so many more male grooming techniques that us ladies swoon over or walk away from, these are just three. Although we all have our different tastes, it's safe to say a male who is well groomed and can take care of his appearance is way more attractive in our eyes. Nicely styled hair and lovely skin goes along away even if their fashion tastes are a little not so great. A man who can groom himself and be proud of it is the kind of man many of us ladies love. 

So go ahead and check out Kirstie's blog if you like super cute posts with an alternative twist. You can also follow her on twitter @Pelliphant. She's a lovely person with a lovely blog that touches on all categories of fashion, beauty and even lifestyle, so you won't regret it :)

xxCherie & Kirstie

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