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Style Steal | Lena Duchannes

I was watching Beautiful Creatures (again) the other night, and I kept thinking to myself how much I love Lena Duchannes' style. This movie is one of my favorites, I love everything about it. The witchcraft, the love story but, of course, Lena's badassery and style. Her style is very "I don't want to bring too much attention to myself" with a hint of witchy edge. She wears a lot of long skirts and dresses that are kind of flowy. She doesn't wear anything too tight fitting that would show her body off and dresses mostly for comfort with some black. She's not afraid of layers, and her hair just shows how much she doesn't care to look like the other girls in town. Her entire persona and the way she styles herself just says, "I have more important things to worry about."

One of her outfits that I love the most though is in the scene where Ethan goes to see her at her house after she shatters the windows at school. Every time I watch this movie I notice this outfit and I love how simple it is, yet it just speaks to her character.
Plus, it's the kind of outfit I would wear myself.

Crochet Lace Jumper
Her crochet lace jumper is the first thing we notice, it's patterned and open and is used mostly as a decorative piece, as it doesn't provide any warmth or even shelter for any cold. But I love it because of the pattern, it has a lace detailing that, with a flared sleeve, would look very witchy. Mostly it just adds a little more detail to her dress considering that it's so plain, and add's a little more modesty to her outfit.

Black Waisted Cami Maxi Dress
Her dress in this, as far as I could tell, is a maxi. It's not too flare-y but flows around her legs enough to look nice. When she takes her jumper off you can see that her dress has a top cami section that slightly bunches over and around her chest. The dress does have spaghetti straps, so I can see why she wears a jumper like that one over the top. It covers more of her skin up, which I think is what she aims for. Very much like me and my style.

High Top Lace Up Doc Martin Boots
Even though you can't really see her shoes very much in this scene, when she's sitting on the grass with her legs tucked up and when she takes her shoes off in her room, you can tell she's wearing slightly chunky almost combat boots. Her dress sits just around the top of her feet and shows off a little of the top of the boot when she walks. The shoes give her a grungy vibe, but mostly just looks like they give her comfort and security with the outfit.

She also wears very minimal jewelry, which again is something I can relate to. Her everyday ring is a black and white cameo ring that is small enough to not stand out. She also wears a singular long necklace that appears to be a charm necklace with a bunch of little dangly bits on the end. It's enough to look dressy and special without overdoing it. It adds just a little bit of style to the outfit without looking like she tried too hard.

I just love Lena and her style, I love her character and how she can be a badass who doesn't need a man to rescue her. In this relationship, she holds all the power of light and dark while her boyfriend is a simple mortal who can't do anything except love her and keep her secure. I just love that. This is seriously one of my favorite movies, I kinda wish I read the book first....



  1. I don't suppose you know where to purchase those items from?

    1. Yeah, I've put links to the websites in the names of each item i have as an example. I found the jumper on American Apparel, the dress on River Island and the shoes on Persunmall, the necklace was a random find on an Etsy store, i think. But i'm sure you can find similar items elsewear, these are just the ones i found online :)


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