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Halloween DIY Inspiration | Spooktacular Home Decor Ideas

While makeup and costume's are the first thing one may think of when getting prepared for Halloween, decorating your home is another way to get festive. It's also lots of fun to find creepy and cute things to decorate with, and even more fun to make your own decorations and creepy cute things. Depending on how crafty you are would depend on what you do, but there are so many cute ideas out there for inspiration. The best part about this is that it doesn't matter your age to decorate your space. If you're not into dressing up or makeup, you can dress up your room or home instead.

I personally love going out and buying fake spider web to drape across corners of my room, and creepy cloth to hang from places. Fake spiders and bats to stick to the walls. Of course though for me, once these decorations go up, they never come down again. Which is where small little cute things come in handy to keep up all year round if you're anything like me.
Considering I buy decorations and get DIY inspiration from others, I can't give you idea's of my own.
So I decided to compile a bunch of cute DIY ideas that I love and have inspired me in home/room decor.


Cute Display: I absolutely love the Mummy jar and little peeking ghosts the most from this one. The entire display works so well together as one and would look perfect in the corner of a room.


Blood Drip Candles: This idea I think is Awesome!! I never even thought about this until I saw it and it's perfect too! So creepy and so easy, all you need is a red candle and some white candles.

How To: Light the red candle and then drip the wax onto the white one from the top. The nails are optional and add an even creepier effect, although I love the no nail look better.


Cute Ghost Bottles: Using bottles and jars again, here is a cute ghost bottle similar to the mummy jar. I think this is adorable and a great way to recycle. These can be placed around the kitchen, or anywhere really, using any style and size bottles.


Cute Vampire Pumpkins: So cute! I'm sure many of you have seen this before, but I just love it so much I'd love to try it. 


Full Moon & Bats: Being the sucker that I am for bats and the moon, this I thought was just delightful. Super easy, all you need is a paper lantern and to cut out some bats to stick on and viola!

There are many, many more ideas and DIY inspiration out there, and you could probably think of something yourself too. You could always just stick to the basics of sticking bats on the wall, finding creepy shaped fairy lights and hanging those up. The possibilities are endless, and you can do anything.

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