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Halloween Look | Broken Porcelain Witch

Being a Witch for Halloween is one of my favourite things to dress up as. It's easy and can be done in many ways. Witch (lol, pun) got me thinking about the different ways you can portray a witch.
A creepy broken porcelain doll has come to mind quite a few times this month as a Halloween look, and when I thought about that mixed with a witch, I automatically thought about Angelique Bouchard from Dark Shadows. (That scene right at the end when she starts to break and her porcelain skin cracks.)
I then thought about this look; a Broken Porcelain Witch Doll with some dark gothic-like qualities.
This is my first attempt at doing anything like this and I'm really happy with how it turned out. I am in no way a make-up artist, in fact, I'm not very crafty or experimental with makeup whats-o-ever. I just got an idea, gathered some inspiration and dove into it.

So here is my little tutorial on how to get this look, and how I did it. It can be modified any way you like and you can make it look unique to you.

Step 1. Face Base

This can be interpreted however you like depending on if you want a porcelain white complexion, darker complexion, or even tinted grey or green.
Take your foundation/concealer or paint, and smooth it into your skin with a foundation or stippling brush.
Make sure to cover up all blemishes to make your skin look as porcelain as possible. 

Step 2. The Missing Eye

For one of the eyes, I decided to make it look like there was a hole where the eye had broken in.
This is just something I wanted to do for a different look, but you don't have to do that. For me, this added a little bit of a skeletal vibe that I thought was very witchy. 

Take some eyeliner, and line your eyes as you normally would, close to the waterline to black it out. 

 Next, take some black eye shadow on a brush, and smudge it around your eyes (all over your eyelid and underneath your bottom waterline, smudging it out and around.) Bring it to the inner corner of your eye and up close to the eyebrow.
Continue to put more and more eye shadow so that you black out your eye completely.

Then take your eyeliner again, and draw a rim around your black smudges to make it bolder. The more solid the line is, the more it looks like a hole rather than a smudge, and that is what we want.
Then go back in with the eyeshadow to darken it even more and to blend the liner to the shadow.
Basically, you want your eye to be blacked out evenly.

Continue until satisfied.

Step 3. The Other Eye

 For the other eye, I just kept it simple and lined my eyes with a slight cat eye. I gently smudged it to get a darker look.

Then coat your eyelashes with mascara on both sides to completely blacken the eyes.
If you're not afraid to use contacts, I thought using a black contact lens to completely black out the other eye would look amazing. Sadly, I am terrified of contacts, so I skipped that.

Step 4. The Porcelain Cracks

To create the porcelain cracks, take your eyeliner again (if you're using Gel or Liquid) or your face paint in black. It might be helpful to use a guideline to help you map out the crack if you don't already have it in mind. Google is awesome for that.
With your product, take a small, thin brush with the product on it, and gently draw on a simple crack down the face. Start light and you can always built up, but try to keep it thin and precise.

Then at the end of your crack, draw an outline of a hollow (as in the first image on the left). Once you have that mapped out to how you like it, fill it in with the same product you used for the lines so it's all black.

Then take your black eyeshadow once more and gently brush some over the top of the cracks and hollow's, by taking a small amount of shadow and apply it by bouncing the brush gently over the top once or twice all over. Follow the lines and the black hollow to create a shadow, but don't overdo it, only slightly.

Repeat that as many times as you wish over your face, trying new designs.

To finish it off you can even darken the eyebrows if you wish and add some blush to the cheeks.
To finish it adds some black, red or a mixture of both, lipstick to your lips.

Set it all down with a spray, put on a Witches hat, and you're done :)

This is how mine turned out after moving to my "modelling" photography wall and taking photographs of it professionally. (Aka, better lighting, the camera details and angles to better show how it turned out, sharpening the lens, like a pro.)
Plus a spooky dark filter to make it look a little more dark, witchy and Halloween ^.^. The more I sharpened the focus on the camera the better it looked so I found. Also the darker your lines, the better it looks.
I'm pretty happy with this, and with enough practice and using different techniques this look can be perfected to look more realistic. Keep, my first Halloween Look!



  1. it looks really good :)

  2. Wow, that was amazing witch makeup! I totally love that! That is surely a must-try this halloween. I'd love to feature this in my list of halloween makeup ideas if you will allow me to. Thanks and more power!

    ~ Cristine

    1. Thank you very much, i'm glad to hear that ^.^. And sure, i'm okay with that if you want to feature it, no worries. :)


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