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Pixie Chicks | Three Easy Cropped Hair Styles

Today's post is another guest post done in collaboration with Carrie, who is a stylist and writer from Idaho, USA. She herself could never pull off a pixie cut, but loves giving them to ladies who can rock the look! While i also agree that i couldn't part with my own hair for this style, the many women who do, look amazing and there are so many ways to rock it on a day to day basis. 
Fashion and hair go hand in hand, the pixie can compliment or transform the style of the wearer. It's a style that is fast growing and becoming a trend with many it-girls and women taking the plunge to cut it all off. The way you style the cut says a lot about your style and who you are, and it's even more true for the ladies of the pixie cut. you can keep it simple, sleek and chic for the most fashionable of styles, or let it go wild with a punk rock twist to really go bold. 

One of the coolest things about having a super cropped haircut is the amount of flexibility you have. Some complain that a pixie cut is a one-trick pony compared to longer locks, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.
You can slick your hair back in the morning and pump it up at night for easy office-to-town transition that long hair can’t hope to compete with. Here are a couple of pixielicious styles and some quick tips on how to accomplish them.


A close-cut pixie is classy in its natural state. The elegant legacy of Audrey Hepburn is strong in these short cuts, as demonstrated in modernity by Anne Hathaway and Emma Watson. A little pomade, warmed between your hands and smoothed sparingly over the crown of your head and around your ears, can prevent the dreaded cowlicks that plague pixie cuts.
 As a pixie cut grows out, it might need just a bit more TLC to achieve the same kind of slick sophistication. One option is to slick it back with some styling gel (be very careful not to over-gel!) Another option that I think is adorable is to sweep your longer locks forward and across your brow. To achieve this, add some lightweight styling cream to the roots of your longest hair that you want to cross your forehead. Pull a fusion styler through to smooth, starting at the roots and pulling them slightly out and to whichever side you usually style towards with a small inward curl at the ends. Then, once you’ve got it tamed, put a dab of styling paste on your fingertips and sweep the hair back across in the opposite direction. The result is a delicate-looking swish that looks great at the office or at a cocktail party.


A relaxed pixie is a cute pixie, so don’t be afraid to roll out of bed and head out, especially if you toss in some dry shampoo. For the shortest of the short, run the barest amount of smoothing serum through (front to back and back to front) to keep your hair lustrous and to add a little volume. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can use a thick curling iron and roll pieces away from your part to create some waves.
 If you’ve left it long on top, especially if you have some natural curl, you may find the get up and go method doesn’t quite work for you. A quick comb through with a bit of hairspray could be enough, though you might need to call in the big guns and enlist the help of some volumizing cream. If you want to be a little more methodical in your chaos, use a straightener to pull hair forward and to the side at varying degrees. The trick is to make it look effortlessly relaxed while still infusing some volume to add shape.


My absolute favorite pixie look is one that stands tall. Miley Cyrus has become the most recent poster girl for the pouf above the shaved sides look, but I (and Cherie) happen to think Pink has mastered it to perfection.
One of the key ingredients to getting the height that gives this look its pop is concentrated teasing at the base of the hair an inch or two behind your hairline. Be gentle! Once you’ve got a little pillow of teased hair (set in place with a healthy spritz of holding spray), straighten your forelock and wrap it up and over. Use that holding spray again liberally to ensure that your poof doesn’t wiggle, then secure the straightened bits in place with a bobby pin.
 Even when you don’t have time to make the look as polished as you might like, some sticky styling paste can be used to smooth the short sides and work the locks on top into a punky fauxhawk. Straightened hair is the most cooperative, but it’s up to you whether you want there to be some bend or not. I usually vote for some odd bendy bits to add some interest!
 If you only have a couple of inches to work with, you can amp up the sass by using some putty or pomade to add some spikes. The key to a spiked look that doesn’t come straight out of the 90s is to make sure your spikes all have a common end point or direction they’re generally headed towards. Some stout pomade will become your best friend.

And of course, the last honorable mention Jennifer Lawrence, the latest lady to cut it all off. The best way to keep your pixie looking chic and classic is to have it simply straight with a side swept fringe to keep it looking femme. Easy to style and up keep, she definitely suits it. 

Try out any of these options throughout the week or throughout the day- the glory of the pixie cut is that it allows a lot of freedom and requires very little product. Who says long haired girls get to have all the fun?

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