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Street Fashion Trend | Skater Skirt's

One of the current on-trend styles in the street fashion world is the Skater skirt. It's one of the top-selling styles in almost all online stores and is seen everywhere in almost every store in the shopping center. Paired with this year's winter trend: tartan, and you can't go wrong. The skater skirt comes in many various styles both long and short, but the main characteristic is that it's flared and usually pleated with a top that cinches in at the waist. The bottom flares out around the legs in an A-line shape. This is definitely my favourite style of skirt and dress, and it makes any outfit look really cute. It goes great with pretty much anything.
Right now, I have my eye on Ark's Skater Skirt collection which is complete with a variety of different styles with a selection of different brands as well. The thing I love about their collection above others, is the punk/grunge feel to many of the skirts. Obviously I love myself anything rocker, and this collection is filled with that; tartan patterns, velvet, pleather, you name it.
So, I've put together a few of the skirts from their collection that I love the most, as shown in the image above.

1. Hearts & Bows Red Major Tartan Skater Skirt
This was the first one that caught my eye when I had a look at the collection. Plaid and tartan are my favourite patterns aside from leopard print, and this mixed with the skater style is just so awesome. With a punk vibe, you can't go wrong. It's basic and simple but also so adorable and would go great with anything black and a great pair of combat boots.

2. Hearts & Bows Black Houghton Velvet Skater Skirt
Naturally this one's awesome because it's velvet. This one drapes a little more, but looks cute if you twirl! It's great to wear mostly in the colder months because it's naturally a little heavier, but would add some great texture to a simple outfit during any other time of the year.

 3. Motel Black Antonia Sun & Moon Skater Skirt
Cinched in the waist and flared bottom. Although minus the pleats, it's still super cute. It's a little more sheer with lighter fabric so it would be lighter to wear on warmer days. I love the pattern on this one, and would look so good with some high platformed shoes to add to the almost 90's feel this skirt gives off.

 4. Vintage Black Velvet Geek Skirt 
Now for the midi. Step aside mini, you've had your day. Great for the colder months, it'll provide length and heaviness from the velvet to keep you warmer. Perfect for a goth chic type look, with a tucked-in tank top and cropped jacket. 

 5Neon Rose Black Ryu Leather Look Skirt
And finally, this one is quite different altogether.  Unlike the others, this doesn't have the same design qualities, but I just loved it when I saw it, so I had to include it anyway. Tight and mini, made from pleather with a definite rock n roll vibe. This form-fitting mini isn't exactly skater, but sexy nonetheless.

All in all, I'm loving Ark. Especially with their rock n roll aesthetic. These skirts are just the beginning. Love them!



  1. I am absolutely obsessed with skater skirts right now!


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