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H&M Australia Store Opening

H&M has finally arrived in Australia opening up its first ever store in Melbourne, Victoria. The event was promoted all across the city for weeks leading up to the big opening with posters, banners and flags scattered everywhere. The much-anticipated arrival of the fashion giant had fashion lovers in a frenzy of excitement and yesterday saw the first day that it was open to the public. 

Photos: Sheree Grace

The store sits in the heart of the city in Melbourne's GPO which is a very, very big building with multiple levels and H&M have taken up the entire thing.

Outside the GPO were 4 large clocks counting down to 10AM April 5th, 2014 when the doors opened to the public. Every door is adorned with the H&M red lettering on all sides of the building with glass cases along the sides with mannequins dressed in the latest trends.
Inside, the store is full of racks and sections covering almost every inch of the floor. Mannequins are set up in groups in the center on each level to advertise some of the items.

The building is split up into different sections to carry collections from womenswear, maternity, childrenswear, sportswear, accessories and shoes, lingerie, menswear and a home section. Each level is stocked right up with items, categorized by style and brand with affordable prices mixed with the higher prices.

To make Australia feel special and to make us feel better about having to wait so long for our own store, there is an Australian Exclusive collection filled with large faux fur coats, pleather cowboy style shorts, knitwear, thigh high boots and more. A collection designed for our culture and style (and weather) to make us look a little more stylish during the cold winter.

The accessories section is just as large as the clothing sections with racks upon racks of shoes, bags, jewellery and more. Each sub-section is set up neatly with neon lights to address that there are, in fact, shoes here. In the center of some levels is a large glass display case with lights inside to display shoes and clothes like an art exhibit.

The home section is just as stylish as the clothing and accessories section. It's split up across the level to look like individual rooms. You can walk through the doors to go from one room to another and each room is cozy and small filled with themed home decor to decorate your abode. Adorable stuffed animals for a cute touch to any bedroom, small rugs and mats, bath linen, bed linen, all that good stuff.

Waiting in line to get inside was quite the experience. Thousands of Melbournians showed up for the opening with quite a few having waited in line since the day before. The line stretched from the front entrance all the way around to the other side of the building with the queue snaking in between. Once the line started moving it didn't take that long at all to get inside and once inside it was full of people pushing and shoving, you could almost smell the sweat excitement.
A free complimentary water bottle was passed out in line along with the first issue of the H&M Magazine which I was pretty darn excited about. (The magazine was being handed out the day before in the city but I missed out so you can imagine how excited I was to get one in line. I love my glossies.)

Melbourne really welcomed H&M to the shores of Australia on Saturday with as much love and gratitude as any store opening could hope to get. Shoppers walked away with bags of new clothing items, tired and satisfied. H&M, you were long overdue.

All photo's by Sheree Grace

- Sheree

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