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BEAUTY LOOK | White Lines

White liner is a look that is up there with the high-end chic looks that are mostly seen on models walking the catwalks and in magazines with a face done by an artist. It's bold even though it's light and can make the eyes pop. It makes any makeup look instantly stand out and can bring about a stylish flair to your face. It certainly makes the face look brighter and brings an element of innocence, literally the opposite of a black liner look.
It can be worn alone with a swipe of an opaque white wing for a naked look that really highlights your eyes and its natural shape, leaving the focus on the rest of your makeup. Or paired with black mascara and black liner to the tight-line to make it look a little more natural, using the white as a highlight to brighten up a dark eye look. Or for a really bold look, make it monochrome with a white wing on top of a black wing to really stand out.
The looks for white liner can really be endless and a little creativity can make it look like a work of art to compliment a lipstick or bring focus to your eyes.

The white liner look.

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