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DIY | Sugar Lip Scrub

When your lips decide to dry up, crack and flake and rebel against your endless application of lip balm, they can leave you with sore lips and your beauty routine compromised. Lipstick becomes your enemy, you can't possibly get away with a gorgeous red lip while the skin on your lips is all dry and flakey. But when this happens, there is a simple way to fix the problem, moisturize and heal your lips all in one. The answer? To exfoliate. Yes, it may seem like a no-brainer, but sometimes it's just not the first thing you think of doing. After all, your lips are already sore.
But it is the thing to do that will work wonders to remove that dead skin and help them heal, and it can be done with a homemade exfoliator.
A simple recipe to make yourself a DIY lip scrub that can be kept and re-used is all it takes.


Sugar (brown or white)
Olive Oil

The Recipe:

In a mixing bowl, simply add in as much sugar as you like to fill the amount you want. Then add in a a little oil - you can eyeball this, starting with a little bit and adding more as you need. And adding in a little bit of honey to your heart's content.
Then mix it all up. 

The honey helps to heal your lips and helps to numb any pain. The oil is great for adding moisture.
The consistency can be as dry or as moist as you wish, it depends on the severity of your lips. The moister is it, the more it will help in healing and moisturizing as there will be enough honey and oil to work its magic.
To ensure you're consistency is right, pinch your mixture in your fingers. If it feels like damp sand it's perfect. You should feel the honey and oil.
 - My rule is that the honey should stick the sugar to your lips and the oil should be seen glistening.

Once you're happy with your mixture, put it in a container and it's ready to go.
If you wanted to make it look and smell pretty, you can add some food colouring to the white sugar and/or some flavour extracts - think vanilla extract.

Exfoliate your lips with this once a day by simply rubbing the mixture on your lips, washing it off with warm water and finishing with a nice moisturising lip balm.

All photos by Sheree Grace

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