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HAIR CARE | For Fuller & Thicker Looking Hair

Thick, full, bouncy hair are all signs of youth and health with a full head of lustrous hair. Although sometimes the hair isn't always naturally like all of the above and needs a little nudge with some hair care products. This is where the right shampoo, conditioner and hair care comes in so you can have that luxe thick, full hair.
Of course we all know the basic rules - don't wash your hair too often, always use heat protectants when using any heat on the hair, and don't over-use the dyes and chemicals without immediately deep conditioning and treating.
Next, is to choose the right shampoo and conditioner when wash day comes along. This can make all the difference to the way your hair looks and feels. With the many brands and products on the market comes a lot of choice with just as many promises.
Organix makes the choice of hair care much simpler with products that actually do what they say they do. The Biotin & Collagen shampoo and conditioner is designed to make your hair feel and look thick and full. And it actually works. This girl swears by this stuff and it works amazingly for thin, flat hair.

The collagen does exactly what collagen is designed to do - plump and add volume. Mostly known for its presence in our skin, it's a strengthening protein that plumps up our skin to make it smooth and wrinkle-free. In hair care form, it adds that protein into the strands of the hair and not only strengthens but plumps and smoothes out for that full look.

The biotin is a natural vitamin that assists cell growth, maintains a steady blood sugar level and in hair care, it strengthens and adds nutrients. It's a necessary vitamin that we all have already and when mixed with beauty products it enhances the effect of healthy hair (and nails).

Using both shampoo and conditioner on the hair, it really does all that perfectly. If the conditioner is left on the hair for an extended time it infuses the hair with all of its goodness for maximum results. Dried upside-down with a hairdryer for added volume and you get thicker, fuller looking hair that really does look and feel the part.

All organic ingredients with no harmful chemicals it's not at all harmful to the hair, naturally boosting it with great results.

For that thick and full look:
Photo by Sheree Grace


  1. I just love Argan Oil and all their brands!

  2. I love Organix! I use a few of their shampoo and conditioner sets, their relaxing balm, heat protection spray, coconut oil serum, and hairspray. I think I can be a certified Organix addict. Lol


    1. Haha! they are pretty fantastic i also love them, they're definitly my go-to when it comes to shampoo's and care :)


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