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TONE IT UP, your skin that is.

As you get older and your skin takes on the toll that is gravity and environmental damage, a beauty routine can become extensive with multiple products for multiple purposes. But a nightly regime doesn't need all that if you keep it right and simple from the get go. This is where toning comes in. It's the step that many miss, forget about or simply don't think to do, but it's the one step that can make all the difference and can reduce your product collection.

Using a simple toner after a face wash or scrub does more for your skin than if you skipped it. It cleanses and get's rid of any extra gunk that your face wash may have missed - or will clean your face if you don't use a face wash. It tightens the skin and reduces your pores to make sure nothing gets in, to cause blemishes and refreshes the skin after it's been scrubbed. And finally, it preps the skin for moisturizing. It's a simple easy and quick step that has many benefits for healthy and smooth looking skin, and will help to keep your skin looking that way without extra products.

And the best part, is that the toner you use doesn't have to be anything too fancy and can simply just be rose water. Natural products like Witch Hazel are an affordable and natural option also, not to mention DIY recipes that make it easy. And with the endless brands and toners available in store there's always an option for whatever skin type you may have.

Adding in this one extra step to your face washing routine can make all the difference in the way your skin looks and feels. You shouldn't need multiple products and more importantly you shouldn't have to worry about the way your skin looks and whether or not your pores are visible. Toning every night will ensure your skin's beauty so you don't have to think about it.

Just a few options available that make toning a luxurious step not to miss:

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