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DIY | Rose Eau De Toilette

Do you have an old perfume bottle lying around empty? Maybe it's a gorgeous vintage bottle that looks stunning on your vanity, or maybe it's an elaborate designer bottle that was just too expensive in the first place to throw away.
If you do have an empty perfume bottle and you want to make use of it with a simple and quick DIY, this is the perfect activity for you.

The easiest perfume to make is, without a doubt, an eau de toilette. The ingredients are simple and easy to get your hands on, and you may even have the two main ingredients at home already.
Eau de toilettes are water based perfume's that are subtle in scent and don't last for too long. These are great for quick trips, light enough for a go-to summer scent or to be used as a refresher during the day without overpowering yourself and how you smell.

Rose being the scent of the year, that is what we're going to model our perfume after, although it can be customized to any scent you heart desires.

What you'll need to do is...
According to the size of your perfume bottle, measure out;
50% distilled water or 27ml
40% rubbing alcohol or 24ml 
10% rose essential oil or 2ml 

After measuring out your water and rubbing alcohol, mix both together in either a separate container or inside your perfume bottle. Then measure out your essential oil and add that into the rest of the mixture. If your oil is in a small bottle that comes out in drops, it may be easier to just hold the oil over your mixture and just let it drop in until you're satisfied with the scent.

While there is a measurement for how much oil to mix in your perfume, technically you can put as little or as much as you like. Frequently mix your perfume well after adding in drops of oil and smell it. If it's too weak add in more and continue to stir and smell until you're happy with how strong the rose scent is.

If you really want your rose scent to smell strong and last a little longer, mix in a strong fruity fragrance as a base. I chose Dewberry for mine because it is a very strong very sweet fruity scent.
If you choose to do that, make sure you only mix in a small amount of the fruity oil. You don't want to be able to smell your base over the rose, you should only be able to notice a hint of fruit and mostly rose.
It's only to support the rose to make it stronger.

Once you're happy with how it smells, mix it up really well and test it out. You'll notice straight away that your mixture turns cloudy and white, this is simply the oils reacting with the rubbing alcohol and is completely normal. You can choose to leave it as it is for an opaque look which can look amazing if added to a coloured glass bottle. Or you can add a drop or two of water-based food colouring or dye.

Make sure to shake it up well each time you spray it, this will just make sure your oils are mixed in well and will ensure your scent is evenly distributed to maintain your desired fragrance.

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