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Where To Start When Starting A Fashion Book Collection

Fashion books are great things to have stacked on a coffee table or sat on a shelf in your own personal library. 
They provide endless style inspiration, a deeper look into the world of designers and have everything you need to know about the industry. There are many reasons why one would want to begin a collection, some do it because the books look pretty on a table and will fuel ones "passion for fashion," others because they want to pursue a career in fashion and collecting their own library of titles is a great way to learn it all and immerse oneself into the world they wish to work in. If you haven't already begun a collection and you want to, it can be daunting at first to decide where to start and what to start with (I know because I've been there myself.) There are thousands of books out there that will give you different things. Some are more detailed, some are mostly pictures, some are informative, some inspire, and if you don't have a particular area in mind that you want to start with, you could end up spending an hour staring at the bookshelf at your local bookstore. My push to start collecting came from an inspiring talk by a fashion writer (at Uni.) And so I began my collection and also picked up a few tips and ideas along the way on choosing which books to start off with.  

The Fashion Book

 This is one place to start for a history lesson and an all-around informative book. This has everything in it and could even possibly be called the fashion bible. In fact, Vogue has hereby declared that it is. Any books similar to this one that has the general history, where it all began, why, who, how etc. are great starters. For everything about fashion and its history, those books are a great place to start and will pave the way for your many books to come.


Quite an obvious one but some magazines can be a great collection starter and you may even be able to use one you already have. Lula Magazine is the perfect example and is a great first book to place on the coffee table. It's not a typical fashion magazine and is full of great photography and profiles. Magazines that are thick and nothing but imagery are the way to go.

Your Favourite Fashionista

Fashion icons, entrepreneurs, stylists, models. If you have a favourite, and they have written a book, why not start there? These kinds of books are great for inspiration, not only for your style but to get a deeper look into the professional and personal lives of that fashionista you look up to. Mary-Kate and Ashley, Alexa Chung and Lauren Conrad are all great examples. Plus, you're more likely to grab these books over any other in your collection making them worth the money. 

September Issues
This could go under the magazine heading actually, but the September issue of a magazine is also a great place to start. September issues are generally thick and heavy and can be classed as books more than magazines anyway. Vogue are iconic for their door-stopper issues especially the US copies. 

Your Favourite Magazine Made A Book 

If your favourite mag has published a book then you are in luck. Again, Vogue and Harper's Bazaar have published their own books, and Vogue has even published multiple. You're also more likely to love these ones anyway considering you already religiously read their monthly issues. 

Designer Biographies 
Chanel, Dior, Louis Vuitton. Pick any influential high fashion designer and there are bound to be multiple books published on them. These are great sources to get to know your favourite designer better and to get to know the design industry a little more. Some of these biographies are all about the designers personal life while some are really informative about the industry and what they did to get to where they are now. This makes these books very resourceful for any aspiring fashion designer or entrepreneur, just read up on all the possibilities and pick the best one for your library. 

The Vogue On series is perfect for anyone wanting to get to know a particular designer. Why they're so great and how they became successful. These are a great start if you're not sure which book to start with, they have everything you need to begin. 

Although you could always just pop over to your nearby bookstore, find their fashion section and see if there is anything that jumps out at you. Read the blurbs, flick through the pages and just let your heart and intuition guide you.

Cover image from Dressed to Death on Pinterest


  1. Great read! I, for one, collect fashion magazines for multiple reasons. I love to read! I also just love the glossy feel and the striking images. I even like how the magazines stack up on my desks and shelves! Love it all.

    I've been meaning to read LC's books for the longest!

    1. I completely agree with the magazine collecting, my magazine stack on my desk is getting way to tall and i don't have the heart to throw any away ahah.
      LC's Style is a really good book, i for one can vouch for it :)

  2. Great suggestions! I'm always looking for new book recommendations :)

    1. Thank you, i am too actually, finding new books is always exciting ^.^


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