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Geometric Minimalist Body Artist

Minimal geometric tattoo's have fast become a favourite both for minimalist enthusiasts and for me.
The minimalist tattoo is all about simple, small and sometimes subtle shapes, lines and dots on strategic places on the body. It's about putting something as simple and minimal as a thin line and drawing it along the bone in your arm, taking a circle and permanently placing it on the back of your neck. They're the tattoo design that you won't get sick of too easily (if you're that kind of person), you don't need to have a meaning for it and the little basic ones won't stand out. It's the perfect tattoo for those who want a piece of body art but don't want anything too big and too detailed with a lot of commitment. They're great for the ultimate minimalists who only want one or two tattoos that will maintain their minimal style and bare skin while adding a little art that will blend into their flesh as if it were always there. The definition of body art in it's simplest, delicate form that will highlight a part of your body the way eyeliner highlights your eyes. 

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Tip: If you ever find yourself wanting one but not completely sure on where you want it or what exactly you want, temporary tattoos are your new bff (hint, TTTattoo is a handy little place to start.) Find the design you love the most and temporarily place it on the part of your body you love the most and keep looking at it until the tattoo wears off. You'll know if it's right or wrong, no harm done and you can keep searching for that 'one'. 

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