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The Covet

Inspired by The Lust List, welcome - The Covet. Everything we are currently wanting with a strong yearning from the new to the not-so-new, the oh so expensive but could really use that, and the *oh em gee* that would be just the best addition to my wardrobe.

Because mascara is a girls best friend and so is Coco. 

Because you can never have too many handbags?

Red lips are the battle paint of the 21st century, you can never have too much, nor is it ever a mistake to want it in YSL.

Because nobody has time to fill in the brows with powder and then set it with a gel. Two birds, one brow gel. 

Sometimes that BB cream is unnecessarily time-consuming when you're only leaving the house for 20 minutes. Foundation powder is quick and minimal. 



  1. That Mascara looks fabulous!!


    1. It really does, it's part of the reason why i want it so bad to be honest ahah.

  2. omg those boots, lipstick, bag! I want them. great blog I must say.
    would you like to follow eachother?
    you have a new stalker (*_*)

    1. Totally agree with out, just uggh! And thank you dear, i had a little look at your blog and i think it's super cute, i really liked reading your posts. Hence forth, i have decided to follow you :) Us Journo students gotta stick together!


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