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These Body Shop Products, You Must Try

Browsing the large array of products at The Body Shop and taking home free samples, is just one hobby that definitely has its benefits.
It's something we can all agree on, they have the best stuff for skincare and beauty without a (too) hefty price and everything just exceeds all expectations. The skin care products actually work and they work well. Never disappointed, these 4 products are the creme of the crop for us, and we definitely think you should try them.

Vitamin E Cream Cleanser                            
Cream cleansers are just so much better for your skin than a harsh foaming liquid or scrub. Anything with natural oils or vitamins is an extra bonus that your face will adore you for, and this cleanser will be your new best friend. It's incredibly soft on the skin and rubs on like a moisturizer. It completely gets rid of makeup (granted the makeup was minimal to begin with, otherwise it will take off excess) without stripping your skin away. It puts back into your skin what washing takes away, and once it's all rinsed off, your face will feel silky smooth and super healthy.
*free sample obtained in the store.

Another product that does exactly what it says it does. One part oil, one part removing liquid. Shake it all up, and you have one really awesome remover. One swipe and seriously, your face just comes right off. The best part is that it's made up of Camomile oil which moisturizes your skin as it removes the gunk. Putting back some slick oils that the remover removes. In the end, you're left with a fresh face and soft skin, and you don't even need a whole lot of this stuff to get it all off. Not the best smelling stuff, to be honest, but it works incredibly well and is really healthy for your skin.

Not so long ago The Body Shop decided it would be a good idea to turn their signature scents into perfume sprays - and boy were they right. If you're looking for a light perfume that smells like gorgeous sweet fruit, look no further. It's light and doesn't overpower you, and smells so fruity it almost makes you hungry.

This is an exfoliant in gel-form that works in partnership with the body washes. It has little soft seeds throughout it that gently exfoliate the skin while the soft gel polishes and nourishes. It smells divine and leaves your skin feeling super silky smooth and very clean. Used either before, or after, a body wash doesn't really matter. But damn it's delicious!
*free sample obtained in store 

Honorable Mention
An honorable mention goes to this little beauty which was tried and tested by a member of the family (the little sister.) If acne is an issue for you, this baby is the one you really need to try. Basically, Tea Tree is a natural disinfectant of sorts and in the form of a face wash, it targets your pimples and kills them within a matter of a few hours. It's also really gentle, moisturizing and soft. It won't strip your skin while it kills your pimples. The little sister was pleasantly surprised and it is now her holy grail.

Depending on if your local store allows it or not, you can ask to sample certain products before you buy them. This is a good idea if you're unsure if something will work for you and your skin.

Photos by Sheree Grace


  1. These sounds so good! I may have to buy these!

    1. They really are, i was so impressed. The remover and the Vitamin E cream are my favourites out of the bunch aha :)

  2. Sounds like amazing products! Thanks for sharing!! Just found your blog - love it and can't wait to read more! <3

    x Jacquelyn


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