Why Add Argan Oil To Mascara?

The beauty industry is all about coming up with new, innovative products and putting those new products out on the market as often as possible. Some of these products can be really awesome, super groundbreaking and the best thing to come out since sliced bread. And sometimes, you just don't understand why something was added to a regular formula. 

The newest product to hit the market is the mascara-and-argan oil formula, with a new one from Rimmel London. Now, we all know how great argan oil is for the hair, but in a mascara? Now, that could be something quite different, or so thought the young girl with bright blue hair standing in front of the display saying, "Why? What is the point?"

Argan oil moisturizes and nourishes what you put it on, be it hair, nails or skin. Just like coconut oil, olive oil, and just about every other natural plant derived oil on the planet. It's great for strengthening brittle hair and nails and softens dry, wrinkled skin. Used alone in its pure oil form it's a strong natural remedy that will leave your hair sleek and shiny, and nails glossy. Once mixed in with other cosmetic ingredients for creams and serums, it gives that product a little boost to really do wonder that the cream alone couldn't do. It's a sister oil that provides support and when used in products that are otherwise not so good for you, it provides a little bit of healthy.

Mascara with argan oil is exactly that, a normal mascara but with argan oil added to the formula.
"But why?" says the blue haired girl.
Well, given what we know about the oil, the answer to that is: because it helps to improve the quality of your lashes that mascara alone won't do.

Mascara, in general, isn't an ideal product to be using on a daily basis - even though we all do. The constant coating of the thick black gel and daily pulling on the lashes causes breakage and suffocates the lashes, causing them to be much more brittle than they should be. All of this also leads to the lashes not being able to grow as they should, leaving women with shorter lashes than they would like, all due to the pulling, suffocating and breakage these lashes are subjected to constantly.

Adding natural oils like argan to the mix, ensures the lashes are being moisturized while they are being suffocated and are being strengthened while they're being pulled at. When using a mascara like this daily, you're adding a little bit more strength to the lashes so that they don't break as easily and stop growing.
Lashes are hair - they work the same way the hair on your head does and they need to be protected and nourished in order to maintain them and make sure they are living up to their full potential.

Adding argan oil to mascara helps to keep your lashes healthy while simultaneously having them all mascara-d up. It just means you don't have to do the argan oil step separately, a two in one.

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