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5 Years Of Sigma With A New Copper Brush Set And Liner

New Sigma brushes have arrived at Luxola and they are as stylish as they are practical. Each brush is handcrafted and polished for a luxe look and feel. And one of them is a limited edition for their 5th-year Anniversary.

The brushes are bold, classic and clean. Simplicity at its best with a colour combination of black and copper that easily looks like a rose-gold. Sturdy, the handles are made from wood while sleek copper coloured metal colours the top. They sit comfortably in the hand and feel strong. The bristles are soft on all the brushes, making them comfortable to use on the face and eyes without scratching or pulling. Each brush comes embellished with copper lettering on the handles with the Sigma logo, and the name of the brush printed in a small size as not to overpower the delicate handles and to maintain it's sleek minimalistic look. As an added detail, each brush's copper is engraved with the Sigma lettering for a personalised touch.
A new brush collection isn't complete, however, without a new eyeliner collection which Sigma have released at the same time. They call it, the Standout Eyes liner collection, in gel form with 6 different colours each as bold and pigmented as the last.
The Sigma Flat Kabuki brush is the one brush out of the entire collection that is limited edition and was made in honor of their 5th-year anniversary. The brush comes with its own added "5 Year Anniversary Edition" copper lettering on the handle in calligraphy, that adds a little extra personalised touch to really make this brush special. The bristles are packed in and dense for minimal movement during application and feels sturdy and strong, making this the perfect buffing brush. Because of this, application of cream and liquid products blend and buff into the skin smoothly and effortlessly, leaving the face with an all-around even coverage for a completely flawless complexion. Minimal fallout, you won't find little black bristles left on your face while applying. Well, you might find one or two, but that's to be expected.

Sigma's Smudge brush allows powder eyeshadow to be applied smoothly, evenly and easily, as well as softly. Eyeshadow blends and smudges out easily on the eyelid for even coverage of shadow where you want it. The brush doesn't pick up too much shadow on the bristles so you won't find yourself making a mess on your eye. Blending the shadow out is effortless. This brush is perfect for creating a diffused smoky eye look and is quick so you're not spending hours trying to blend out your shadow. These bristles are super soft, but still dense, so smudging is easy and you have complete control over product application.

Their Eyeliner brush is the perfect companion to their gel liner (we'll get to that in a minute.) The long and thin-tipped bristles are soft and flexible but, still strong enough to hold its shaping. This makes for a very controlled and easy application of liner - a cat eye is easily achieved and controlled with very minimal mess ups. This brush is perfect for precise lines.
And finally, the Standout Eyes Gel Liner is a smooth and creamy formula, once the surface is broken. Paired with the eyeliner brush, the liner glides on effortlessly and easily, leaving you with complete control over the lines you create. There is no smudging while trying to apply and perfect lines are created with no pulling on the eyelid - also a very precise application. The liner dries on the eyes and sets like a paint and the best comes when it doesn't budge all day - yes it's waterproof.
The colour "Unexpected" is a strongly pigmented dark grey colour that gets darker the more it's overlapped. Contained in a glass jar, its packaging is sleek yet heavy with a matte black thick plastic lid, that feels very well made in the hand.

All in all, a very luxurious collection and a very well make brush set. The eyeliner was also a very pleasant surprise in the way that it's not shiny or glossy like some gel liners are, and it sets pretty fast. Plus it's actually waterproof - again something that not all gel liners are. Very pleased, 10/10 would definitely recommend.

Photo's by Sheree Grace

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