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Getting Halloween Ready. The Witch.

This year, is the year of the Witch (again.) Going back to the root of Halloween, the witch defines the pagan holiday known as Samhain, the fourth and best holiday of the year when the veil between this world and the spirit world is at it's thinnest allowing spirits to cross over for the day. It's a day to rejoice being alive, give thanks and celebrate, remember and contact the dead as witches chant in rituals and (try to) fly on their broomsticks. The beginning of the Wiccan New Year and the start of winter, it's the day to pay tribute to those dead and openly celebrate all things creepy.
As you can tell, this kind of stuff excites me completely and oh how I'm intrigued by it.

This year Halloween falls on a Uni day, so my witch costume will be a little more downplayed and a little more Coven style. So here I've collected a few inspiration images to get things going.

Inspo Images from Pinterest & Tumblr
Top images by Sheree Grace 


  1. I love your photos and the added photoset here! Really cool compilation.

    I love when people know a little about the history of Halloween, as well. It makes it so much more fun & appreciated as a holiday. I think I'm going to have to do the same thing and dress like one of the 'Coven' girls. Madison Montogomery's floor-length dress from Episode 1 is my inspiration.


    1. Why thank you my dear :)
      And yes, i'm obsessed with it! I study all of that i even have books on Paganism and witchcraft i'm just that interested, i agree the history does make it a little more real and an actual celebrated holiday.

      Yes! Her dress is amazing! I was thinking something like that as well or something with flare sleeves, definitely all black!

  2. Love these pics!!!


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