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Hello, Glossier

Just a few short day's ago, Into The Gloss' founder Emily Weiss introduced another new project to the internet, branching from and expanding on ITG. It's called Glossier (pronounced gloss-e-ay) and it's essentially an extension to the ITG brand in more way's than one. 

Just as ITG is a beauty website, Glossier is a beauty brand. Compiled of original products, they're designed by the CEO herself with her audience and own personal preferences in mind. At the moment, the brand carries a range of skin care products including moisturisers, balms, tints and mists, all with their own awesome properties that are great for the skin.  

Packaged up in equally original packaging, they carry a distinct aesthetic that screams "ITG" with minimalistic white tubes, baby pink labels and bold black lettering. As you feast your eyes on the way the packaging looks and then scroll through the website, you'll be able to see the similarities in style. There's just a very distinct feel going on that is both strong and minimal, simple and sleek and really just connects the two brands together. 
What's even cuter about the packaging is that each order comes with a set of stickers that can be placed anywhere on the bottles to make them unique to you (hence the pink panels, the stickers work great on those.) The best way to see this in action is the #glossier on Instagram.

This new brand advertises itself as being fun. Products for girls that are made by "real girls with real life in mind" and that really does come across in the way it's carried. The products don't mess about, they're not too extravagant, they don't seem to promise anything they can't deliver and they're cruelty-free making them friendly to animal lovers.

Basically, they're adorable, chic, a little bit edgy, very modern and so totally Into The Gloss.

Images from Glossier

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