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How To Tell If A Beauty Product Hasn't Been Touched

Sometimes makeup counters will make your life easier and package every product safely in tape and plastic, leaving only testers opened. But sometimes every product will be open, nothing packaged or sealed in any way, and that's when things get frustrating. Not everyone who looks at those counters will be considerate enough to only test the testers, and the non-testers will sometimes be grimy, gross and so obviously used too. So when you find a product that you really want, but almost everything left is unsealed, how can you tell which one hasn't been used to safely buy it?

Play Inspector...
The first and most obvious thing to do is inspect that product like no tomorrow. Let's use a lipstick as an example. Open up all the remaining lipsticks in the shade you want and have a look at their condition. If you find one that looks like it's safe, keep it in your hand and get ready to compare.
A used lipstick will look melted, smooshed, and the corners more rounded, but we already know this right? So with that in mind, an unused lipstick will have its sharp point intact, any corners and edges will be clean and crisp, and the top of the lipstick will be completely smooth to give off the appearance of plastic. If a lipstick is even slightly used, the point may still be intact, but the top won't look smooth and plastic-like. It will look a little rough and you'll be able to see the true texture of the lipstick coming through. Some lipsticks will also have a slightly curved top with the point, so if it's curved, it's safe, if it's a little flat, don't go there.
The same goes for most products as well. Shadows and pressed powders should be smooth with absolutely no dents, cracks or scratches. Liquid products should be clean around the top where the applicator sits, and even inside the top of the neck. If you open it to find the product up around the top of the neck, or even around the outside of the neck and all messy on the applicator, it's been used.

Avoid regardless...
In saying that, some products should always be sealed no matter what. Mascaras and eyeliners, for one, should always follow this rule. Mascara attracts and breeds bacteria just by being open and the wand being removed and replaced. Which means infections for you especially if that mascara had, in fact, been used. The same goes for eyeliner, and even more so because of contagious eye diseases and infections. If it's not sealed, don't risk it.

The packaging has it...
Another great way to tell is by the state of the packaging. If the lid or compact is loose in any way, chances are it has been opened and closed a dozen times before. When you open up the product to inspect it, take note on how it felt to take that lid off or snap open the top of that compact. If it slid right off without any effort or opened up with just a slight flick of the thumb, it's really not great anyway. The tougher it is to open, the better - and even better still, listen out for that satisfying and very strong "click" when you close it.

In conclusion. Naturally, beauty products should always be sealed up, but when they aren't, just keep in mind the details. The packaging should be tough and feel like it hasn't been opened too many times. Most lipsticks will look shiny and almost plastic on the outside, and the corners and edges should be sharp. And, of course, every product should look smooth and clean both with the packaging and the product.

Photo by Sheree Grace

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