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Orphan Black reference anyone? At the moment a photo essay is one assignment I must do for Photojournalism at Uni and while my family, and especially my sister, are not the subject of my essay, I do like to try and spontaneously snap things that happen during a day for practice. 
Most nights we can't go without after dinner snacks, chips are usually on the menu as it's easiest to split into two bowls.
By now she should be used to me and my camera, and she kind of is, but that doesn't stop her from both posing and also hiding from the camera. She get's annoyed but also just let's it happen. Much like our cat who runs as soon as he sees the camera but also sometimes will flash a look that says "Hurry up and do your thing". 

These images are slightly blurred but I like them like that, it shows movement which there was a lot off and the dark tungsten lights are no friend to the shutter.  

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