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The Covet. Scent

In a classic white embossed box is an elegant clear glass square bottle, topped with a simple clear topper and metal spiked detailing holding a scent made for women, designed to be a signature scent. This floral scent is the definition of femininity with metallic rose, lime, magnolia and frangipani notes dominating this aroma. It's sweetened with a dash of peach and the underlying musk and black amber woods flavour gives this perfume a mature yet sexy element. It's very classic and smells like something Audrey Hepburn would wear. It's both sweet and savoury making it suitable for both the young and the older, it doesn't overpower and even after it has worn off there is still a subtle scent that lingers on the skin. It's a perfect combination of floral and fruity, making it the happy medium for those partial to one scent over the other. A lover of sweet, fruity scents can enjoy this one as can the one who adores all things floral. 

Basically, it's very clear that Karl Lagerfeld designed this perfume and he knows how to build a signature scent for women. You can't help but feel sensual and very feminine with this scent on and it really is high-fashion in perfume form. The Chanel and Fendi designer does not disappoint and it's exactly what you would expect.
And even though this girl only has a sample, it has already become her signature scent and the 25ml bottle is first on her wishlist and currently being coveted.


  1. I love the packaging, though I don't know about Lagerfeld's ethics haha.

    1. Oh i do tend to agree, this scent is amazing though so i don't think i can help myself, just this once ahah.


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