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Top Not-So-Scary Movies To Watch For Halloween

If you're anything like me, you love Halloween movies and anything Halloween themed but you really can't handle or don't like anything too scary. Naturally, this makes finding good movies to marathon leading up to October 31 a bit of a challenge. We don't want anything that will leave us with nightmares (especially if our imagination get's carried away and you actually do believe in things like, say, spirits.) As it get's closer and closer to the end of the month I've started watching more Halloweeny movies to get myself even more pumped and so I've collated a few movies that I really love that is in the spirit and Halloween themed but also not too scary. Not including Tim Burton movies because that's a given - always watch Tim Burton for Halloween.

The Witchy Stuff 

Movies centred around witchcraft are a must, these types of movies are pretty damn awesome and always end up empowering someone.

The Covenant; A group of really attractive male witches who do really cool magical things. What more can you want really?

The Craft; A group of really fierce female witches who also do really cool magical things. Cult classic.

Practical Magic; Obviously.

Don't Forget: Beautiful Creatures (also known as my absolute favourite.)

Hocus Pocus is also a crowd favourite and is Halloween itself, even though I personally didn't like it enough to watch it more than once.


Animated movies about monsters, ghosts and anything else Halloweeny are perfect for the not-so-scary factor because we all know it's not real - it's made for kids. Plus these are almost always adorable and a little funny.

ParaNorman; I will say though, this one definitely has a little bit of a creep factor and there were a few things I did not expect, so that makes this really great. It's quite adorable and some parts are even a little sad.

Hotel Transylvania; A variety of monsters in a hotel. Super cute and kind of funny.

Monster House; A monster... house.

Of course: Coraline (although I haven't seen this one - I've yet to work up the courage too - I've heard it's quite terrifying even for adults.)

Vampires, Ghosts and Creatures oh my!  

Anything Vampires, what says Halloween more than Vampires? Aside from Witches of course. Basically any movie with some sort of supernatural creature or spirits are great. But if you're like me and actually believe in spirits - don't watch Paranormal Activities unless you want to stay awake for the next two weeks. 

Vamps; Two vampires living in New York try to keep up with the current times by acting as young as they look. It's more funny and silly than anything but I really like it. 

The Haunted Mansion; He sees dead people. Can't go wrong with Disney! 

This Is The End; Okay, not exactly Halloween at all, but it's funny and the Devil and freaky demons that appear do give you an unexpected fright. This movie get's dark really quick but also holds onto the comedy factor so it's a lightish one. 

These are my go-to and favourite movies to watch over and over around Halloween along with your usual Tim Burton classics; Nightmare Before Christmas, The Corpse Bride, Dark Shadows... you know. Anything witchcraft and animated takes the cake over anything else though. 

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