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Cat-Eye Approved: Top Waterproof Eyeliners

Let's face it, girls have many best friends. Diamonds, lipstick, shoes, bags, accessories. One of those best friends also happens to be eyeliner. Even more so if it's waterproof and makes your daily cat eye that much easier. What's great, is that there are so many products out there to choose from, that you'll never go without. And even better when brands regularly come out with bigger and better products that just take the cake (Benefit's They're Real Push Up Liner anyone?). But while there are always new liners to take your pick, they are only any good as long as they're waterproof. What's the point in a liner if it'll smudge and run two hours later?
I for one, know all too well what a cheap liner can do, and when a liner claims to be waterproof but isn't. I rely on my liners all too much and I refuse to go a day without a cat-eye. So, finding the best liners that work, and are affordable, is an activity that I participate in all too often. 
Fortunately for me, I've managed to find quite a few that tick all the boxes.
And they are:
Felt liners have become a thing. I must always have a felt liner in my bag, and I must always have one for my daily eyeliner routine. Aside from Rimmel London's Thick and Thin liner, this ModelCo one takes the cake in terms of affordability, ease of access, ease of use and the fact that it's waterproof. Seriously, it doesn't move. It glides on effortlessly and creates the most flawless lines super quickly. Perfect for a cat eye. Also, packaging (I mean how sleek is it? Clean, thin, looks great in the makeup bag...) The only downside, it isn't opaque and will rub off if you go over your lines a few times. 

Very opaque, very black, waterproof, budge-proof and it dries matte. Like, what more could you want? Affordable and in a minimalistic tube? Oh right, you get that too. Honestly, this brand should be sold internationally for all it has to offer. 

For a gel liner that sets on the lid and dries like paint, look no further, Revlon has you covered. While the applicator brush isn't exactly the best and kind of makes it difficult to create a perfect flick, (it's okay, that's what liner brushes are for) the liner itself is pretty great and breaks down the barriers that gel liners aren't any good for oily skin. Once on the lid for a short time, it dries like paint and becomes waterproof and smudge proof. The white one is also pretty great for minimalist while liner looks and it even shimmers a little bit. 

Another gel liner that works as far as gel liners go. This liner ticks every box and continues to impress me. Waterproof? Check. Opaque?Check. Creamy, soft, smooth, glides on effortlessly? Yes. Creates easy, quick and flawless lines? Sure does. Normally, I stay far away from gels as I have naturally oily eyelids and gels don't work with me. But this, and the Revlon, are the only two that I like, recommend and actually, use. 

Much like. Tick of approval.

Photo by Sheree Grace



  1. These all sound fab! I've been staying true to my Stila liquid liner which I'm really fond of, but when it dies I'll give one of these a go, the Models Prefer sounds especially like a good'un.

    Angie || the maquillage

    1. The Models Prefer is by far a favourite. Gotta love it when something works well and is affordable!


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