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City Photo Diary #2. People

Won't lie, this guy was a right ol' idiot towards me and my friend. Not cool.

I always feel like a huge creeper when I take photo's in the city, especially when I'm trying to take candid shots of random people. But sometimes I just see something and really want to take a photo, no matter how much of a stalker I feel like. Except for that one dude who saw me and posed for a photo, but we won't talk about him because even though I decided to use the photo because I liked how it turned out - he was such a (for lack of a more lady-like word) idiot towards me and my friend. That's probably why I treated his photo differently to the rest...
But this is the kind of thing I want to do as a Photographer, street documentary and variations of photojournalism among fashion reporting. Capturing what I see has always been something I loved to do. Not so much telling a story but rather showing one that's already there. Which is probably why I'm so partial to wildlife photojournalism - you just snap what you see, you can't control an animal or tell it what to do in order for you to get the shot you want. You get what the animal gives you. Much like with street documentary. 

Also those lanterns are super pretty.


  1. Beautiful shots!

  2. Absolutely love your photographs! Great feeling of city life, but there is an ease to each picture.


    1. Thank you so much! I'm glad you see these that way! x


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