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Details In A City Photo Diary

Wednesday 12 November. It's a hot, sticky day and the Journalism students are visiting the new uni campus. On the agenda that day was for the students to be divided up into teams; video, radio, written story and photography and to venture out onto the streets of Melbourne to "practise reporting skills". On the photography team was me, along with my Nikon D7000 and my Nikkor 55-300mm lens. 
Off we went into the big wide world, each of the three photographers sent off in different directions to capture behind the scenes footage of the practice. It was hot, it was sticky and standing outside in the blaring sun all day with no wind and little shade did wonders for my head, eyes and skin - that was a joke. In between documenting fellow students, little details of the city just so happened to be left out right within the reach of my lens, making it impossible for me to not take advantage. Take a little break from your assignment and photograph some puppies instead. 


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