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It's Movember. Men, Get Ready To Groom Those Moustaches.

While personal grooming has often been viewed as more of a women’s sport, men are now stepping into the ring. Go to the cosmetics section of any department store and you will see shelves stocked with products just for men. While men’s foundations and lipsticks might not yet be your thing, why not up your game with what you’ve already got on your face? That’s right men; I’m talking about facial hair. Now that it’s November, it’s the perfect time to take the plunge in growing the long hoped for but never dared handlebar. Why now? It’s Movember. It’s the time of year when many a man loses their moustache virginity for charity.
For those of you who are a bit concerned with showing up to work with a full handlebar, don’t fear. Today there are more options than ever in experimenting with facial hair. You can go minimal with simple sideburns or a short moustache, or go for the full-on facial experience with the wild man long beard.

Here are a few styles to help you on your way:

The Manicured Scruff – The key word here is manicured. You don’t want to look like that lazy guy at the office whose shirts are always wrinkled and never smells quite right. By making sure the hair is even and the edges are neat, you’ll keep yourself office-meeting ready. A good detailer is an excellent investment, especially when it’s saving you from the everyday full shaving routine.

The Rugged Beard – The rugged beard is a great way to go deeper into the world of facial hair. It’s a shorter beard of about 2 weeks’ worth of growth. It’s great for hiding uneven skin or that mole you’ve always wanted to get rid of. Remember to keep it even with moustache scissors. Using a high quality trimmer to fade the sides will give you a beard that’s more rugged man than yeti.

The Handlebar – For the adventurous and the gifted in hair growth, Movember is the perfect month to bust out the handlebar. However, keep in mind that unless you have hair that grows supernaturally fast, you’ll need more than 30 days. If you’ve already got something, keep growing it until it’s long enough to sweep to the sides using a moustache comb. You’ll be surprised at how soothing it is to run a comb through your facial locks. Once it’s long enough to twist up, grab a good moustache wax and twist while turning the ends upwards. Now, own it and be ready for those covetous looks from the boys who wish they could grow a ‘stache as manly as yours.

The Long Beard – Believe it or not, the long beard can actually get the ladies swooning (just look at Daniel Day-Lewis and Brad Pitt in his beard days). However, to avoid looking like a homeless man, it needs to be maintained. Treat your beard as you would your head hair. Keeping it clean is imperative. Use a good beard shampoo. Using a beard conditioner will keep it soft and manageable. Combing it regularly is also important (no one wants to be surprised by a piece of lettuce leftover from yesterday’s lunch). Get ready for the ladies with your touchably sweet piece of facial hair.

The Soul Patch – Zac Efron, Stevie Wonder, Frank Zappa, Bruce Springsteen and William Shakespeare. What do all these studs have in common? The Soul Patch. Just because it’s small doesn’t mean it should be excluded. The Soul Patch is a bit of hair just under the lower lip. Though it may be small, it cannot be neglected. A good soul patch takes daily maintenance. Use a beard trimmer to keep it the length you want.

Whether you choose the goatee, the shadow or the chin strap there is one all important constant when choosing facial hair – the proper care. While facial hair can hide a multitude of sins (pimples, that pesky double chin), not taking care of it properly can lead to others (in-grown, looking like Tom Hanks on Castaway). Using the right products may keep you on team Movember for more than just November.

By Don Broida

Don likes experimenting with his facial hair. When he isn't grooming, he's probably walking his dog or getting himself in trouble.

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