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Summer Eating: The Blueberry Bowl

As the popularity of the Acai bowl begins to take over every lifestyle, fashion and beauty blogger's Instagram feed, it's easy to forget why this snack is so hyped on and left with a sense of "oh, that's so typical, look at them being all so #healthy, what a crock." But if we take it back to why we're so obsessed, we realise that while, yes this bowl is very photogenic, it also has massive benefits and is a super healthy way to start the day.
Acai berries help to improve your health in terms of; healthy skin, heart function, improved energy and are an antioxidant that just generally helps to improve your body and insides. It really is a super food. Now combine that in a bowl with other delicious things and you have a very healthy, fulfilling start to your day which is perfect during summer (I don't know about you, but anything that isn't a salad or fruit doesn't go near me on a hot summers day.) 

But in times when you can't find frozen Acai berries and you really want to try a bowl, what can you do? Blueberries are just as awesome as Acai and are a super food all on their own. As we well know, they are antioxidants that carry multiple vitamins and fibre that can reduce health risks and improve organ functionality. The perfect substitute for Acai and just as delicious. 
So for a light, cool, yummy and healthy snack that's easy to prepare, here is how to go about making a blueberry bowl. 

Frozen blueberries
Crunchy granola
Assortment of fresh fruit

What to do:
Step 1.
Measure out equal parts of frozen blueberries and the milk of your choice. To start with you can just measure out 1 cup of each. Then put them both in a blender and pulse them together. 
It's up to you how far you blend but go slowly. The less blended it is, the thicker it will be and you may even have little chunks that make it easier to eat. For the best mixture; keep in mind the consistency of a thick shake or smoothie, or even a frozen yoghurt. It's not too watery and you can scoop it with a spoon. 

Step 2.
Pour it into a bowl and begin to decorate! 

Step 3.
Add granola to cover the top of the bowl. The more you add, the more crunchy texture you'll have when it all get's eaten. Cut up your favourite fruit and put it all on there. And then yum! The granola is a nice added texture and the oats are an extra source of fibre. If including banana, there is your potassium, vitamin b, c and magnesium. 

A blueberry bowl is perfect for a cool breakfast (brunch, lunch or snack) on hot days considering the basis of the bowl is frozen. It has all the best health benefits to start you on your day and is the best place to begin if you're thinking of being a little bit healthier. Or if you just want a light, yum new snack to eat. 

Photos by Sheree Grace

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