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Imagery And The Visual Artiste

For as long as I can remember I've always wanted to be some sort of visual artist. I've always wanted to be published in the books and magazines that have provided me with inspiration and always been attracted to all things visual. While some dream of writing a book, I dream of putting together a visual book filled with all kinds of my images. I've done my share of stages and phases; the illustrator, the graphic designer, all before realising I suck at those and proceeded to pick up my first camera. It was then I decided photography would be my thing, after all my favourite publications to look at included gorgeous photography of all kinds. Although that hasn't stopped me from appreciating all things creative and admiring the works of illustrators like Megan Hess who's book The Dress I noticed at my local book store the other day while searching for a Chanel biography, and realised I probably need it in my collection. The time and energy one spends, fine liner pen to paper, to create such work really makes it awe inspiring. The fact that each artist has their own technique and flair to their work.
But more importantly it's the travel photographers, photojournalists and hobbyists who really spark my interest and the naturally simple imagery that I collect. I've always believed that a story you can tell through words can be told 10 times better through images. It's this kind of art that really shows how well a person knows their surroundings, you must be aware of the world you live in to snap the best moments. Even the simplest of images, the snaps you take out the window or while walking down the street, can have an impact and evoke all kinds of feelings. These are just as much art as anything hanging on gallery walls. A photo doesn't have to be a well thought out masterpiece to be good, it can be of snow falling in a small London backstreet. It shows a world through someone else's eyes and the serenity of seeing is what makes all kinds of visual art the most appreciated. It's the thing you spend most of your time looking at while flicking through a book or magazine, it's colourful and paints the picture - literally.  

From capturing wild animals in their habitat (my speciality) to seeing another country that isn't yours through the camera lens, images are key when telling stories - any stories. Thanks to the greats and father's of photography and photojournalism like Henri Cartier-Bresson we can spread these and look at them all the time and inspire one another. While I admit I want and need more time behind the camera to perfect my own style, without inspiration I'd be lost. It's why my want for film camera's is so strong, to capture snaps as simple as a tree at any time and needing to get it right in camera similar to the masters of film photography back in history. That's what is so stunning about images that didn't have a studio and high production value. The film and the captor's eye. That's enough to make any kind of visual art.
                                                                                                                                                           via The Style Line

                                                                                                                                       via The Style Line 
It's images like these that make up those books, visual art of all kinds that illustrate blank pages and make you want to visit another place, take out your own camera and snap all the while wishing that one day, you too could put together a book of images.

Images via Tumblr


  1. Tough, to know what you want, but not the specifics. It seems photography is indeed your fit. I'm still trying to figure out mine. Lovely captures. (:

    ♥ | | xoxo

    1. It's the figuring out part that sucks I agree, so many choices and so many things you enjoy. It's good to dream, wish and want though, there is no harm in that i think!


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