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The Covet. Wishlist

don't want a lot for Christmas... heck neither for my impending birthday. When it comes to gifts and wishlists, I always feel like there's no point if you put something on there that can be purchased any day of the year by yourself. Handbags are a treat I can get for myself, purses too. Most books - visual and fashion related, clothing and shoes, most beauty related items. So to think about things for a wishlist, I think about things that aren't so easily attained and aren't so cheap that would go a long way.

In the spirit of December, this month's The Covet is wishlist themed with the things I really wish for that can't be purchased any day mostly due to the price (and availability). In true photographer's fashion pretty much all of these items are photography related but all things that would be amazing and put to use every day of the year. 

Who doesn't want/have one of these? They are the epitome of style and pretty much every fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger has one. For me, it's still on my wishlist but would be used all the time for me. As a photographer wanting multiple cameras that each do different things isn't unusual, so naturally I forever crave this cutie. 

For all the photographs that would be taken, they need to go somewhere other than pegged on a piece of string along the wall. A sweet, chic little album would house all those images neatly and look beautiful on a shelf. Just imagine multiple prints stuck to the crisp white pages with clear tape, messy like a collage of memories and art. 

Still on the wishlist, never to be removed. 

As an aspiring wildlife photojournalist (and one who wants to work for Nat Geo) I follow, look up to and take inspiration from the wonderful photographers who have made a name for themselves through their amazing work. Paul Nicklen just one. We've already established that I collect fashion books for inspiration, but I have yet to collect books from my favourite photographers that would serve the equal purpose of inspo and motivation. His work is exactly what I want to do so this being on my wishlist is completely justified. 

Once more, a camera. Although this one is slightly different because it's a Lomography camera. Images need to be developed as they come out in film negatives (unless purchasing an instant print backing) which would bring an entirely different element to my images. This could be used for not only memories and snaps, but to experiment with my own photography. Plus it's adorable, would make a great addition to a camera collection and the images come out colour saturated and very vintage looking. Prints would look perfect in the photo album. 

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