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The Three Essie Colours To Add To Your Collection

Essie is known as what is called a "cult brand" without having the qualities of brands such a Lime Crime - the true definition of a cult brand. Their cult is the world of fashion, beauty and style blogger's, the girls everyone wants to be, the stylish ones. They market their polishes as being high fashion and their prices mimic so, a chic polish brand that will look good on any vanity.
I never thought that I would be sucked into the Essie craze, their prices are ridiculous and I was always one to go for a more organic and cruelty-free option. But as my options for good polishes dwindled among the lack of CF options in-store, I found myself wandering over to the pretty stand that held a plethora of equally pretty colours. From there it was all downhill thank's to sales and my collection slowly began to grow as I took advantage of each sale, discount and $3 bin.
These polishes may have a high-end price tag and appeal but they are both there for a reason. The quality doesn't disappoint, each formula as smooth as the last, easy to apply with a beautiful end result, quick drying and colour that glistens and lasts. The amount of colour choices also means you'll be able to find every colour you desire and hues in between. Plus - it really does look pretty on the vanity and the bottles really are quite chic looking.

If you're the kind of person who likes classic colours that aren't too bold, the Essie colours to add to your collection - or to start your collection with - are the main shades; light, medium and dark.
Or my personal favourites and the shades I vouch for; white, red and dark berry.

Let us begin at the very beginning, literally. Blanc is the very first colour in the Essie hue chart, the first white, the beginning of the rainbow. True to its name it's a slate, blank, bright white. It gives your white mani, a sleek finish and isn't too white that it looks odd. It's simple and won't stand out. But beware - it stains easily and the white will pick up other colours spilt during the day. To best fend that off, finish with a top coat and one that will help protect against stains and when staining does occur, simply use nail polish remover to remove the top coat layer and repaint to get back that white. 

A true red, a classic. This blue based red gives it the classic pin-up girl, Olsen twin look that completely justifies red nails. This isn't a hot, fiery red that is bright but rather a bold rich red that can only be best described as Christmas. It is that time of the year after all, but think of this colour as the true red lipstick for the nails. 

Berry Naughty 
If black nails are a little too dark and dreary for you this colour is the perfect balance. A deep purple-red colour that has a slight burgundy appeal that is the defining colour of the word vintage. It's sultry and sexy and it's dark without being too dark, the deep rich colour underlying gives it a brightening pop. I call this colour my modern-day-witch-nails colour.

When in doubt for choosing the best shades to rotate think of the big three; light, medium and dark. Decide on the colours you like and that sum up your style and fit them into those three categories to find your signature shade or shades. These three I highly recommend and are, indeed, colours to add to your collection. 

All photo's taken by Sheree Grace


  1. Nice choice of colours!

    1. Oh thank you, they are on rotate, blanc is already almost finished ahah.


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