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War Paint. 3 Red Lipstick Picks

When it comes to lipstick, a girl doesn't play around. Makeup is like war paint, you swipe on your eyeliner and lipstick before heading out the door to battle the day, and you look flawless while doing so. So it comes as no surprise that a girl takes her time to find the perfect shade, texture and quality of a blood-of-thy-enemies red lipstick to last her all day. There is no point to war paint if it doesn't hold up throughout the entire war.
Red lipstick is a classic choice seen on the best of the best throughout history. It's fierce, bold, and the ultimate colour for the strong, take-no-BS woman. 
It's also a colour that has no middle ground, it's either the perfect shade of true red or it's a "good red, but I've seen better." 
With the many, many choices that each promise the world, it can be hard to find one that will do the job well for a good price. But there are those out there that live up to the hype and some even surprise you. These 3 are those. 

While the website calls it a "bright coral red" this shade is more of a light rich red. With its creamy texture it glides on effortlessly and smoothly for an opaque pop of bright red. With a hint of blue undertone to make it bold, it has a slight hint of a metallic taste that makes the lips shine ever so slightly with a metal pop. This rich colour isn't quite "true red" but with a subtle magenta kick it's guaranteed to give you that fire that also makes the teeth look a little whiter. 

Packaged in a neat little plastic transparent tube, this thick liquid lipstick holds the key to the ideal lip gloss meets lipstick combo. A smooth application leads to an even coverage of colour on the lips while the formula gives you a bright opaque pop of colour, that eventually sinks in and disappears over time without leaving rings around the lips. And by opaque - seriously... shiny but opaque. This red is bright and bold and stands out with a Snow White lip effect. Just like the name it has a classically scarlet hue that is very close to being a true red.  

Saving the best for last, Kate Moss really knows her stuff. This shade is as close to a true red as can be with blue undertones and a bright bold colour of deep red. The matte finish keeps it on for longer and makes the red even truer and brighter. Although it doesn't make the teeth whiter, it does make your lips stand out and is, pretty much, the blood of thy enemies. It's a fire red with an orange hue that looks even brighter under tungsten lighting but also changes vibrancy depending on the light you look at it under. It blends to the lips easily and with it's matte combo sticks to your lips as if it were your skin and your lips actually were that colour. Almost has a natural look and finish. 

Worn alone, each colour provides 3 very different finishes, shades and looks. They can be combined for the ultimate red shade and mixed with red lip liners to make them darker. 

While a list of top choices is handy, a women's red lipstick is her character. The shade and texture says a lot about her and a signature shade is a personal choice that can only be discovered through trial and error. Never mess with her war paint.

All photo's taken by Sheree Grace

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