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And Then It Rained

It was terribly hot for two days straight. The temperature didn't drop, not even over night and everything stayed hot. There was no wind outside, the sun constantly stayed up and bright and when the sun set the heat was trapped and had no where to go. Spiders wanted to climb inside for relief only to be met with an equally as hot house (and a terrified me because I am super scared of spiders.) And then, it rained. The sky opened up and let a flood of cold water come racing down. The clouds darkened and the wind got cool as the ground slowly began to flood and puddles formed. It was loud and heavy and it was cool, it was relief. It was so good!
My first reaction was to scream, grab my umbrella and run outside for a cool change. I let the wind push the rain onto my bare legs and soak the back and bottom of my dress. My hair got damp and I didn't care. I was happy and it was amazing. Inside I threw my window open to let the cool into my room. Later, it thunderstormed and I couldn't stop smiling.
Two days later the temperature dropped right down and we had one day that felt like winter. It rained more and it began to flood a little, it was freezing cold. These are the days I love most in Summer.

All photo's by Sheree Grace

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