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Another DIY Hair Texturizing Spray Recipe

The quest for everyday effortlessly textured hair and waves is very real. Hair that has movement, shape and is even a little bit messy is what can turn boring bland hair into a sassy do that looks more time consuming than it was. Every girl wants to be able to have great hair without the extra effort which is why sea salt spray is a favourite. Ideally sea salt spray's are supposed to mock the way your hair looks after a day spent on the beach in the water; the salt, sand and wind causing messy loose wave-like locks. 
But my problem is that sea salt spray alone following the basic recipe seen thousands of times over on the web doesn't do that at all. In fact, all it does is dry out the hair a little making it a little rougher with slightly more volume. So what is the next step to turn that spray into something that makes more of an impact? Texturizing spray. 

This DIY, in particular, is nothing new and follows the same basic recipe that is used to make a basic sea salt spray. Only this one has a little more holding power and can make more of an impact on naturally straight hair. Following a recipe found in Peppermint magazine, it's mostly organic and natural using ingredients you already have mixed with a little bit of nourishment and a sticky punch to hold shape in the hair. 

All you need is a cup of hot water, salt, coconut oil and hair wax combined together in a bottle. 
The salt dries out the hair a little to make it stiffer so the hair can bend and makes it easy to mess it up while the hair wax holds that mess in place, holding shape and texture in the hair. The coconut oil then adds a little bit of moisture without being too heavy so your hair has a little more nourishment. Because coconut oil is so light it won't weigh your hair down maintaining a rough finish. It works great when sprayed into the hair and then scrunched with your hands and before curling the hair for that effortless wavy look that holds. And when the hair falls during the day the spray holds a little shape for natural looking movement. 

Spray it onto the roots for volume and scrunch it into the lengths for texture. It only takes a few minutes to make and will last for ages.

Photo by Sheree Grace

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