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Depotting A Broken Eyeshadow Palette

A little while ago as I was using but one eyeshadow colour in an entire eyeshadow palette, I dropped it. This largeish smokey eye palette slipped out of my hand while closing the lid, bounced along the carpeted floor before resting, right way up. At first glance it seemed fine, I opened up the palette and everything was perfectly intact - the mirror was fine and each eyeshadow was still perfectly flat, not a single crack in any. Until I closed it again and noticed that the plastic hinge on the back had snapped, and it no longer closed properly, only hanging by the flimsiest of one hinge. This simply won't do, I said to myself, the lid can open up easily and will cause an awful mess, not to mention the shadow's could go funny. What's a girl to do? The only thing to really do in this situation is to depot the shadows and transfer them to something more sturdy and, in the process, eliminate the shadows that don't actually get used. So with a gentle pry and wiggle, I practised depotting. I popped each one out using a thin pointy metal nail file to slide between the plastic base and aluminium eyeshadow pot. Gently flicking upwards until the shadow could be pulled out.

Finding little, clean, empty pots with screw-on lids, I chose the shadows I wanted and used the most, to be transferred. A brown and a charcoal. The shadow was then scraped out of its container with the end of a thin brush and into a pot, ready to be crushed up with that same brush end, to turn it into a loose powder. 

Now that the shadows are safe in their new home all crushed and powdery, the only thing left to do is put labels on each. Using some white paper labels that I have a ton of, I cut out two circles and wrote down the colour, what it is and by which brand. This was mostly for fun but honestly, kind of unnecessary. 
Depotting eyeshadows is a fun yet also really frustrating activity. The cheaper the shadow is the harder it will be to pop them out intact, and half of them will end up broken and cracked anyway. With a little luck, precision, patience and a good quality shadow with sturdy bases, you just may be able to pop them out perfectly and move them into another palette. For cheaper shadows, it might end up being best to scrape them out and crush them up to use as a loose powder instead especially if the shadow broke anyway. This way you can keep the colour you want and pop them into an easier storage container you may already have, rather than having to buy something extra to hold each colour. It also ends up looking like a whole new product and you can make it look the way you want, placing them into any container or pot you like for your preferred aesthetic.  

All photo's by Sheree Grace

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