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Inspired By Paris

Paris has always been the city marked by passion and inspiration. It's a fashion capital rich with culture and style, classic food and vintage architecture that make every photographer's dream come true. The language inspires everyone, the romantic nature of every word spoken with the accent that woo's us after decades of film romanticising the French. Much of what we use, wear and eat today originated here and we are influenced by the culture regularly. The great designers; Coco Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Christian Dior built their legacy and their name in France and all continue their fashion influence today after having made their mark forever. Paris fashion week is the biggest in the world and major fashion shows originated here. Some of the great photographers and artists in history had France as their birthplace and created a domino effect, each one inspiring the next generation. The city is full of character and life, the buildings speak for themselves and the culture is great at whispering sweet nothing's in the ears of the world to sweep us off our feet.
I have always been inspired by France and it's a place I have always wanted to visit. Like London and Italy, the cosiness of Europe gets to me. The weather is more or less balanced and winter brings a gorgeous sprinkling of snow that covers the buildings and cobblestone walk ways. Overall it appears stylish to the outsider and the people even more so. The streets, the city. My favourite deserts and pastries made a home in France either originating there or settling; croissant's, macaron's, meringue's. I live for a cute beret and it has become my personal style signature during winter. The fashion and beauty trends that come out of here are the reason why I love it. The beauty of the architecture makes me swoon and the way the streets light up makes me want to dance in the city. I can't watch anything that takes place in Paris - however fictional - without crying inside and wanting to go; Gossip Girl, The Devil Wears Prada. The shopping strips are luxurious and the restaurants are lovingly set up and café's each as cozy as the last. Art, culture, museums. It's easy to see why someone like me would want to become a tourist there one day.
After the shocking event that took place at Charlie Hebdo on January 7 (that should not be compared to the events that took place in Sydney and Victoria last year thank you Mr. Abbott), I'd like to remind and highlight the classic beauty that is Paris and why it is I find myself inspired by it and want to go there one day.
The photography that has emerged from here, the sheer photogenic aesthetic that is Paris, the food, the places, the fashion. It's all beauty that has infiltrated the rest of the world and influenced all that we do.

Photo's from Tumblr

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