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Lavender Pulse Point Oil For Headaches

If you're anything like me, you're prone to headaches and pains that regularly show up out of no where starting at a light discomfort and quickly growing into a throbbing, blinding, sickening pain. If you don't catch it quickly you find yourself feeling ill and weak as you throw down some panadol and pray it works quick, unable to think or do anything until it does. Sometimes, however, aspirin isn't always the choice you want, the more you have to intake the less of an effect it has and sometimes you just want something natural that can help sooth the beginnings of a pain or help speed up the pain killers. 
Pulse point oils do exactly that, they can help minimise the beginnings of a pain sometimes erasing it altogether or slowing it down in time to get some panadol to avoid that massive migraine-like pain. Especially and if that oil has lavender oil or extract in it. 
These oils are basic in nature but are great to carry around and really help to ease pain while also being a lovely perfume. They're completely natural and the oils are even great for nourishing the skin as well. The lavender scent is what helps to ease a headache as the smell of the plant alone helps to calm and relax the muscles and mind allowing it to loosen up when tensed. Mixed with oils and rubbed onto pulse points it soaks into the skin and helps to relax those thickened, throbbing veins to naturally thin them down (which is what paracetamol does.) 
Being a natural perfume is just an added bonus so not only is it working to treat your pain but you smell lovely at the same time. 
This stuff has been such a life saver for me ever since I picked up a home made bottle from the market part of a show one year. It's helped to sooth the beginnings of my ever so prominent headaches and helped to speed up the process with aspirin. It's also helped me sleep when going to bed with pain and the fact that lavender is my favourite scent sure doesn't hurt. 

Although the best part is probably that it can be made any time at home, poured into any secure bottle and ready to be used whenever. 

To make it...

1 part oil
2 parts essential oil
All you need to do is pour olive oil and (skin safe) lavender essential oil in a 1:2 ratio into a bottle and mix well. Mixing multiple types of olive oil is okay as is with the essential oil. The stronger the lavender scent the better so keep smelling your mixture until it only smells of strong lavender - feel free to mix other floral scents to help strengthen it. 

The olive oil will moisturise and soften you skin whilst helping the lavender to soak in and work well. 

How to use it...

Massage a little bit into your temples with your fingers, a little on your wrists and a little under the nose if you think you need to. Massaging it into your temples will help work it into the problem area and help sooth the pain quicker and you can smell the scent better this way.

All photo's by Sheree Grace

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