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Reasons Why Summer Isn't That Great

While this post may have been written on a really hot day and could be a little biased, it stands that summer is the season that is least exciting for me. I haven't looked forward to summer since I was in high school when freezing winter days were spent outside during lunch because we weren't allowed to go indoors unless it was heavily raining. Back then summer wasn't actually as hot as it is now and sweating in the sun was a much better alternative to shivering and getting sick in the cold. But since leaving high school 5 years ago, I've come to realise that I haven't looked forward to summer at all since then. Every year after that has spent dreading the hot season and my lust for London grows stronger. While many people crave summer and get excited for those "gorgeous beach weather days," after the first week, that get's old and summer really isn't all that great.
Sleepless nights. Trying to sleep during those hot days is almost impossible and once you do fall asleep you awaken in a pool of your own sweat in barely any clothing on top of your sheets not under them. I'm a huge fan of curling up under the duvet in cute cozy pyjamas all snuggled and warm, bonus points for cuddling up with a teddy bear and a movie before sleeping.

Zero motivation. Some people thrive in the heat, they feel so motivated and excited and can get anything done. For others it's not quite the case, in the heat you can feel so lethargic and the sweaty stickiness makes you want to do nothing all day. 
Can't dress up really cute. Jeans, cute leggings, shirts under jackets under long coats. Tights in ankle booties with a short thick pleather or knit skirt. Scarves, berets and thick oversized jumpers and cardigans. Layering is what makes colder weather and fashion fun, in summer the thought of this is equivalent to hell. Sure summer dresses are super cute and I do love me some maxi dresses and skirts but it pretty much stops there when trying to look cute and keep cool at the same time.

Makeup and heat styling tools are a no-go. Sweat man, sweat.
Can't go outside. The sun is unforgiving as it throws it's rays down to the ground and causes mirages of water on the concrete. The still air makes it hard to breathe and feels hotter than it is and hot winds make it worse so. Sunburn is inevitable and heat stroke is a real possibility. I love going outside so being stuck inside an even hotter house isn't all that fun.

Fires. Those fires that start out in the bush created purely through the hot sun rays burning the dead twigs and then those that spread rapidly towards the suburbs getting closer and closer to the city each year. Wildlife suffers as Koalas, Wombats and Kangaroos dehydrate and burn under the sun-rays and loose their homes in fires and hundreds of animals loose their lives. So much so that Victoria no longer has native Koala species. Livestock, crops, homes and families lost each year.
Well this took a dark turn.

Basically, this is summer in Australia. While it's easy to complain there are a few cooler days in between than make summer slightly more bearable and able to enjoy it. If I'm being really honest summer is only so bad because down here in Melbourne no one is used to the kind of heat summer brings. Whether or not we like to admit it, we are not conditioned to the heat. We will have horrible days of heat and then on the third day it drops down and a cold change sweeps through giving us cold. Then it peaks out of no where and we get a heat wave only to change again in a few days. In winter our temperatures rival that of Europe as we get the winds from Antarctica so heat isn't something we're used to. Our environment isn't used to it and our wildlife most certainly isn't used to it. So while the bad days are bad, we do get a good break of cooler temps that allow us to enjoy it. Sunsets at the beach are amazing, cold winds make going outside a possibility, clouds and thunderstorms make for an exciting development in the weather and cute outfits are possible. So I suppose, while summer isn't that great, I do look forward to those cool, breezy days. Those days are the summer everyone loves.

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