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Tips For Choosing The Perfect Party Dress

It has been said that there is no “throwing on a dress and heading to the party.” There is always more to it and so many things to think about when trying to find the perfect dress. Here are the five things to take into consideration if you want your dress to fit you like a glove and be perfect for your party situation.
It is absolutely amazing how much a dress of the same cut can be different when made of different fabric. Cheap, rough, scratchy fabric can make a dress feel uncomfortable as bad fabric can cause irritation, itching and sweating. It can also lead to the dress falling apart easier. Choosing a softer, stronger, well made fabric that costs a little extra will make the dress sturdier as well as it feeling much more comfy for a long night of dancing. Nicer fabric will also make a dress look more expensive even if it's not. Therefore it's a good idea to opt for high quality fabric like silk and cashmere for elegance or cotton and jersey for casual occasions.
One thing to pay attention to while dress hunting are the individual details and lengths of a cut and shape. If you are opting for an open back, avoid it being too short or transparent, go for a maxi or hi-lo. Keep the focus on the back and cleavage only exposing only a little leg and go strapless to show off those collarbones. It's also important to pick only a few area's to accentuate with a dress rather than trying to show everything off at once. A strapless dress is best when it is a bit longer, exposing a little leg is sexy in a dress like that but it's a good idea to keep it mid length.  
Colours greatly depend on your skin tone. Darker skin tones are lucky enough to get away with yellows, bright greens along with a bunch of vibrant shades. While medium and fair skin tones can look stunning in black, greys, blues and reds. Although whites are universal and look great on everyone, as does black for that matter and a dress in either shade looks elegant and classy. With that being said, you can't go wrong with a little black dress that looks great on everybody.
Body Type
This is where you really need to be extra careful if you're trying to accentuate your form. While it's always easy to pick up a nice shapeless dress (which you could always do), if you want something that will make an area of your body pop and you want a dress to suit and play up your shape, it's a good idea to choose a dress that fits to your body shape. For example: fishtail and flared dresses will emphasize your behind and make it shapelier, thin straps flatter smaller cup sizes and empire-line dresses will tone the tummy. 
Aside from picking the fabric, colour and a dress to suit your shape, it is equally as important to choose a dress to fit the situation. You cannot possibly wear the same dress when you go clubbing to a fancy cocktail party. Moreover, there are so many dresses that only make sense when they are worn at a New Year’s Eve party. Sparkling, shining and glittery dresses are hard to pull off any other night of the year, but on this night, you can do it all you like. You cannot have too much glitter on New Year’s Eve.
When attending a party with the dress code "smart casual" anything can apply so the safest bet is to choose a neutral coloured dress that is simple and play it up with nice heels. While a cocktail party calls for nice colours, form fitting dresses that don't show off too much skin at once. When in doubt, always go for simple, neutral in black or white (or both) and play with accessories. 

Choosing the perfect dress isn't always an easy task, but it is fun. When you put these tips into consideration, you will definitely find a dress that feels just right. And once you do, you can make it even better by combining it with the perfect pair of shoes, simple makeup and a lovely smile.

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Written by Vendy Evans
"I am a fashion enthusiast. Currently, I am a research graduate student in Psychology. In my spare time I like to write about those little things in life that make me happy and inspired."

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