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To Live In A Loft

Houses, apartments, studios, unit's and flats. There are many types of housing and room situations all providing different perks and qualities, different prices and details. When I think about moving out of home I think about going to London and living in a cute little loft, one space that contains everything in different corners. The bathroom and laundry would have it's own "room" tucked into the back corner but everything else sharing the same floor space; the bed, the kitchen, lounge. I don't care for large houses with many rooms, or even a small one with two stories and an en suite. A studio would be too small and an apartment too squished. A large open space is what I dream off with large windows that let in the natural light and artificial light bulbs in basic chandeliers for night. To live in a loft would be a homey little space to be decorated in any way and not limited to separate rooms. You could make dinner in the small kitchen area and walk two feet to the bed with the laptop plugged in to watch a show or read. In this space I imagine not needing too many things, just enough of the right things will fill up the space and can be organised in any way at all.
My dream home situation is a loft that I can make pinterest worthy and tumblresque. I want to fill it with vintage and second hand furniture and furnishings for a real rustic and - brace yourself for I am about to say - indie vibe (I was going to say hipster but decided no.) To have wooden floors and giant white fluffy rugs, neutral walls and minimal furniture only enough. Photography hanging from the walls as art, both mine and those that inspire me, vintage wall hangings and even those plastic deer heads attached to the wall. A bed that sits on a basic wooden crate, clothes that hang from a stand alone rack with shoes lined up down the bottom while non-hanging items tuck neatly away in a small wooden chest of drawers that also is a table for my fashion coffee table books and camera's. Empty floor space in corners will hold my magazine stack's, handbags and misc items. All the while still gathering inspo to really make my dream loft home.

Photo's from Tumblr, Pinterest & Refinery 29

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