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Gradual Tanning For Pale Skin

Don't get me wrong, I do love being as pale as I am. It enhances my witchy vibe that I love to give off and it suits me. But in summer, when minimal clothing is required - short sleeves and some leg - being pasty white isn't so appealing and can be quite off-putting to the eyes of others. You stand out and look sick amongst the sun-kissed Australians, and even someone as happy to be pale as me, you start to feel even more self-conscious than usual. The best option then, and obvious one is to add a little colour to your skin with a little tan. Just enough so you don't look like you're dying.

Most people would sit out in the sun as a solution, but when you're naturally pale, even the harshest of UV rays don't penetrate your skin. All you get is burnt. No tan. Plus, you know, skin cancer.  

Well, lucky for us girls who only want a little bit of colour anyway, our solution comes in a bottle - and not the instant tanning kind of bottle.LeTan gradual tan moisturiser. For the very pale, instant tanning sprays or bronzing creams just end up going orange on the skin. Or end up being so dark it just looks horrible. Instead, what is needed is a slow gradual colour that looks natural and allows complete control over how tanned your skin looks. You can still keep your pale skin while adding a little more colour at the same time. 
A gradual moisturising lotion is simply just a moisturiser that rubs into the skin as normal, and once it oxidises, it slowly, little by little, darkens to give you a tint. Used every day and the skin gradually get's darker or, by finding a pattern of days, you can maintain a colour that suits you. 

The LeTan is the best one I've used although, honestly, the only one I've used - if it works why change? But I have been eyeing the ModelCo version. My skin is within the pale category that isn't affected by the sun other than sunburn, so naturally, any other tanning solution just wouldn't work. Plus, I'm the kind of person who feels like too tanned would just look odd on me. This stuff gives me just a subtle glow the more I apply it and that's the best way I can describe what it does to the skin. Gives it a healthy looking glow. Because it's gradual no one except me can notice my skin getting less pasty and because it's so natural it just looks sun kissed. 
There are many varieties on the market and all should do the same thing, it's a matter of trial and error to get the best look for you.

Just because the sun doesn't affect us doesn't mean we can't get that natural looking flush of colour to make us look healthy and glowing during summer.  

All photo's by Sheree Grace

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